Make A Difference Scholarship Winners

The team at Matthew Wilson Attorney at Law started the Make A Difference Scholarship to recognize students who have big ideas of how to make their dreams a reality. We enjoy reviewing the submissions from our applicants discussing how they plan to work towards achieving their dreams. Learn about our previous winners below and check out our scholarship page for more information about this opportunity.

2021 Scholarship Winner: Maia Lipsky

Maia Lipsky is a senior at Seattle University working towards a degree in nursing. She grew up in Vancouver, WA and plans to move back to that area and work at one of the local hospitals, once she becomes licensed.

“I am absolutely honored to be the recipient of the 2021 Make A Difference Scholarship, and I am beyond grateful to the team at Matthew Wilson Attorney At Law. As someone currently working in the healthcare field as a nurse technician and studying to become a registered nurse, I see people make a difference every day at the hospital, and I hope to do the same. Additionally, as someone with a lot of experience as a patient, I know what it’s like to have my life changed by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers. I hope to use my personal experiences to empathize with my future patients and provide the same level of care that my nurses provided to me, and make a difference in each of their lives.
Given the expenses that accompany nursing school, I am very thankful to be a recipient of this award, as it will help me on my journey to becoming a NICU nurse. Thank you for providing me with this scholarship and funding my dream.”

2020 Scholarship Winner: Laura Chun

“To the lawyers at Matthew Wilson Attorney at Law, I want to express my sincerest gratitude for selecting me as your 2020 Make A Difference Scholarship recipient. When I received the news I won this year’s scholarship, I was beyond ecstatic. Winning this scholarship is particularly special to me because of what the scholarship stands for: making a difference in the world. Unlike other scholarships which are merely focused on academics, the 2020 Make a Difference Scholarship takes a holistic approach to an applicant, weighing their academic career alongside how their dreams will facilitate practical and meaningful change to the world.

This scholarship will help me further my education at the University of California, Irvine School of Law where I am currently a first-year law student. My mother was a refugee who legally immigrated to the U.S following the end of the Vietnam War. She told me the legal services she received when immigrating to the U.S allowed her and her family to live a prosperous life in America. This story continues to motivate my legal career. While I have not decided what area of law I want to pursue, I know that it will be public interest focused. Law school can impose financial burdens that can dissuade students from pursuing a career in public interest or social justice. However, the 2020 Make A Difference Scholarship will help me alleviate that pressure and allow me to pursue a career grounded in social justice. Thank you again for choosing me as your 2020 Make A Difference Scholarship recipient.”