DC Prostitution Lawyer

DC Prostitution LawyerFacing criminal prostitution charges can be frightening. In addition to the possibility of public embarrassment, you are up against grave legal penalties. A prostitution case is best handled by a local DC prostitution lawyer, one who knows the local legal community and all of the options available to defendants.

DC’s strict prostitution laws are designed to punish those people believed to play a role in the sex trade. As per the District’s Criminal Code, prostitution is defined as sexual contact with someone else in exchange for a fee. The contact does not have to be intercourse and the fee does not have to be cash. The prostitution laws can be applied to a number of other various scenarios. To learn how the law applies to your situation, you should consult with a DC prostitution lawyer. Let an experienced defense attorney fight for you.

Prostitution Free Zones

In DC, the Metropolitan Police Department combats prostitution in a variety of ways. One of these is by marking what are called “Prostitution Free Zones”. In these zones, designated in certain areas of the city at certain times, it becomes unlawful for a “group of two or more persons to congregate on public space…for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or prostitution-related offenses.” If caught in violation of these rules, an officer will typically issue a warning and order to disperse before making an arrest. Penalties for violating such a zone include a potential $300 fine and a 180-day jail sentence. An individual facing these penalties should consult a prostitution lawyer in Washington DC right away.

Your Options When Facing Prostitution Charges

Prostitution charges carry a particularly heavy stigma. When you are accused of prostitution, you are not only risking your freedom – your reputation and personal relationships may be on the line as well. A DC prostitution lawyer knows what you are going through and stands ready to defend your name in court. Perhaps you were entrapped by a prostitution sting, or perhaps the evidence used against you was obtained illegally. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you can trust in your DC prostitution attorney to evaluate your case and help you determine the best course of action.

Facing criminal charges of prostitution can be stressful and has the potential to change your life. If you are facing charges like these, consulting with an experienced Washington DC prostitution lawyer could be the first step towards a potentially positive outcome in court. Call today and get started with your defense.