DC Expungement Lawyer

Expunging or sealing the criminal record of your arrest or conviction in Washington DC is allowed in many circumstances. A DC expungement lawyer can help you determine whether your DC arrest or DC criminal conviction can be expunged or sealed. To discuss your case in more detail or learn more about the various steps involved in expunging or sealing your record call and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced DC defense attorneys today.

Benefits of Sealing Your Record

Sealing your entire criminal record or a particular arrest or conviction can have many benefits. A prior arrest or criminal conviction in Washington DC may prevent you from, among other things, obtaining a job, security clearance, or graduate school admission. This is true even if your case was dismissed and/or you were never actually convicted of a crime. Clearing your Washington DC criminal record through the expungement process can be done with the assistance of an experienced DC expungement attorney. A criminal arrest and/or conviction should not have to haunt you for the rest of your life, hindering your efforts to secure housing, further educational opportunities, or a job.

Are You Eligible for Expungement?

Expunging or sealing a Washington DC arrest or a Washington DC conviction from your criminal record is allowed in certain circumstances. As criminal defense lawyers for persons charged with crimes in the District of Columbia, we can help you determine if you are eligible for expungement in DC and if so, actually represent you in the expungement process.

Any sort of charge is eligible for expungement if the case terminated without a conviction. Even in the most serious felony charges, if the person was found not guilty or the case was dismissed, they are potentially eligible to get it expunged. The only reasons they would not be able to will be dependent if they had other convictions, and those can render someone’s non-conviction case ineligible for expungement depending on what those other matters on their record are.

Whether it means getting your record sealed from public view or having the entire record of your arrest(s) destroyed, DC expungement lawyers can provide a second chance for those convicted of certain criminal misdemeanors and felonies and for those who have been charged with, but not convicted of, felonies and misdemeanors.

The Value of a DC Expungement Attorney

DC Expungement LawyerThe goal of the DC Expungement Lawyer website is to educate you by providing further information regarding the DC criminal expungement process. The expungement process in DC can be very complex. As such, it can be incredibly helpful and important to have an experienced attorney handle your expungement matter. In many cases, an attorney may be able to handle everything for you and get your record expunged without you ever having to go court. If you are interested in a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers, please give us a call or fill out our website form to start the process of clearing your criminal record today

Expungements are allowed under D.C. Code § 16-801 et seq. (Division II, Title 16, Chapter 8 of the District of Columbia Code). Since this is an overview of the law on this subject, for informational purposes only, an attorney should be consulted for the application of the full law to an individual case.