Washington DC Fraud Lawyer

Fraud involves the intent to deceive and includes any actions involving misrepresentation or concealment of the truth, which results in damage to another person or entity for personal gain. It is often referred to as a white collar crime and can often be committed by people with no criminal history who have very reputable jobs and positive reputations within the community.

With this in mind, a fraud accusation can call the integrity of the defendant into question and has the potential to create extreme stress on both these professional and personal relationships, making it important that those accused consult with a DC fraud lawyer as soon as possible to minimize the harm of the allegations and put forth the strongest defense possible. An experienced criminal lawyer in DC will be able to guide the defendant through the criminal process and prepare them for what to expect at each stop of the way.

Types of Fraud

The most common types of fraud are identity theft, credit card fraud, check fraud, insurance fraud, and healthcare fraud. Fraud, in general, encompasses many different types of activity. The type of fraud depends on the kind of entity or program that was the target of the fraudulent activity, as well as what mechanisms were utilized in the scheme.

The Internet and Fraud

Technology enables individuals to defraud others through complex software. For example, personal and credit card information can be compromised when individuals purchase goods from stores online. Investment scams occur online through emails. Scams involving identity theft using computer technology occur often.

In the past, to obtain specific account numbers, an individual might need to have the actual documents to defraud others. Today, using the internet and other computer software, it is possible to complete the fraudulent activity without ever having set foot in the jurisdiction where the fraud takes place, without ever having seen or met any of the people involved. The internet allows people to more easily, and with more complex schemes, perpetuate fraudulent activity.

Evidence Used in Fraud Cases

Law enforcement and the prosecution collect any and all documentation demonstrating the fraud, including bank statements, checks, correspondence, applications, and other forms. They gather anything that establishes what steps were taken in the fraudulent scheme, and seek to locate witnesses who can give statements or other evidence establishing the criminal conduct of the defendant. This attention makes it imperative that a fraud lawyer in DC is contacted as soon as possible.

Benefit of a DC Fraud Lawyer

DC Fraud LawyerA DC fraud lawyer can help prevent individuals from speaking to law enforcement agents and giving a confession. As a result, contacting a lawyer immediately is very important because many mistakes such as this need to be handled quickly at the very beginning of a case.

To secure a conviction for fraud, the government must prove every element of a crime including the defendant’s state of mind. Without a confession, it can be difficult for the government to prove, for example, that the defendant intended to deceive another person for financial gain. Making statements to law enforcement can greatly help the government in bringing a fraud case against a defendant.

It is a critical mistake for an individual being investigated for fraud to speak with law enforcement without speaking to a DC fraud lawyer first.