Driver Improvement Courses in DC

When a person is arrested for driving under the influence in Washington, DC, it may be in their best interest to take a driver improvement course, even if they believe they are innocent. A DC DUI lawyer can provide a person with insight on how taking a driving course does not imply guilt and can be beneficial for a person by showing the court how seriously they take the pending charge.

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Driver Improvement Courses

A driver improvement course is sometimes referred to as a Traffic Safety Program. Oftentimes, this will be an online course where a person reviews a program on a website for several hours that re-teaches a person about driving safety.

Anytime a person goes to get a driver’s license they have to take a test that will test their knowledge of basic driving skills and laws. This is a refresher course and at the end of it there will be a test that a person has to pass to get their certificate of completion.

Driver improvement courses, like the Traffic Safety Program, are done by people in an effort to get points taken off their license, but this is also something that will be required as part of probation for anyone who is convicted of a DUI charge in DC.

Advantages of Taking a Driver Improvement Course after a DC DUI

A person who is facing a DUI charge, particularly if they have any type of prior DUI conviction, should strongly consider taking a Traffic Safety Program early rather than being ordered by the court to do so at the end of the case. This is one thing they will have to do later and when a person is ordered to do something, failure to do it will result in a probation violation. So, when a person does it on their own early, then the court will view it as the person taking proactive steps to learn from their arrest in the DUI case.

Also, it will be one less thing that the supervisory officer will demand that a person do in a certain time-frame that might not be to their liking. By doing it early, a person can put themselves in the best light and relieve at least one of the obligations they will have to do later.

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