Benefits of Hiring a Maryland Armed Robbery Attorney

Armed robbery is a serious felony charge, which is why an individual charged with such a crime should consider hiring a seasoned armed robbery attorney. Armed robbery charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Therefore, it would be wise for a defendant to obtain a dedicated lawyer. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is going to be familiar with armed robbery charges and how to build a defense against them. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a Maryland armed robbery attorney, call today.

Strong Relationship With the Prosecutor and Judge

One of the benefits of hiring a Maryland armed robbery attorney is that they are going to have a trustworthy relationship with the prosecutor on the case. The prosecutor will know that the lawyer is ethical and very skilled. They will also understand that a formidable opponent is going to push every argument for the defendant. This means that the prosecutor is not going to be able to take any shortcuts. They have to be able to authenticate every document and follow the rules. If they do not, then the defense lawyer will exploit that to the defendant’s advantage.

A local lawyer will also be familiar with the judge on the case. This would allow the attorney to know what arguments the judge is most receptive to and the lawyer will be able to use this information to craft a strong defense strategy.

Preparing a Defense Strategy

In order to prepare a defense strategy, a defense attorney will need to know all the facts of the case. This means that the defendant should be prepared to give all the information they know about the charges. This includes the charging document that should be provided to the defendant when they go in front of a commissioner. It is typically written by an officer or a detective on the case and it describes what the allegations are and how the defendant committed the crime. Knowing this information is usually the starting point for the defense lawyer.

A defendant should be ready to tell the attorney their side of the story and start thinking if there were any witnesses that could collaborate what did or did not happen. Once a lawyer has an understanding of the facts, then they will begin building an armed robbery defense for the defendant.

When Taking a Plea Deal May be the Right Decision

One of the benefits of hiring a Maryland armed robbery lawyer is that they will always keep the defendant’s best interest in mind. And sometimes, this means taking a plea deal. After assessing all the facts of the case, taking a plea deal may be the best option for the defendant. With a plea deal, there is a security in knowing the sentence and what the outcome of the case is going to be.

Sometimes the plea agreement could be for a lesser offense. For instance, someone charged with armed robbery may be able to plea to a simple robbery or to a theft. Both of these offenses are less serious than an armed robbery charge. This means the defendant will be looking at a shorter time in prison.

Contacting an Armed Robbery Lawyer in Maryland

If you have been charged with armed robbery, call today to learn about the benefits of hiring a Maryland armed robbery attorney. A lawyer could be an advocate for you throughout the case to ensure that your rights are being protected. An attorney will also look out for your best interest.

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