Maryland Armed Robbery Lawyer

Armed robbery is the act of robbery with a dangerous weapon. In Maryland, there is no specific law regarding armed robbery, however, robbery with a dangerous weapon is the equivalent statute. Robbery is defined as the taking of property or services from another person without permission by using force or by using the threat of force. And thus, robbery with a dangerous weapon or a written note claiming that the individual has a weapon is called armed robbery.

People facing armed robbery charges are looking at significant penalties which include jail time, expensive fines, and many other long-term consequences. Call a Maryland armed robbery lawyer today to see how an experienced robbery attorney could help you fight against these charges.

Armed Robbery Consequences

Armed robbery is considered a felony and the consequences of armed robbery in Maryland are a maximum penalty upon conviction of 20 years in prison. In addition to the possible 20 years of imprisonment and a felony on their record, the individual could also face fines and probation. Also, the collateral consequences of having a felony conviction for a violent crime can be severe. It could affect one’s job, housing, and the ability to obtain professional licenses. This is a crime that would stay on their record. This is why it is essential for defendants to reach out to a skilled Maryland armed robbery attorney.

Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

Due to the severity of an armed robbery charge, defendants should look for a criminal attorney who has experience defending armed robbery cases in Maryland. A lawyer with experience in the area will know which defense strategies could work and how to negotiate with the prosecutor. It is also important to obtain a how who has a successful track record. Success may be an acquittal of all charges or a negotiation to a lesser offense.

It is also imperative to work with a lawyer with whom they could have a positive and trustworthy relationship. A defendant should want a lawyer who they can trust professionally and personally because when that trust exists, it is the most effective way for the attorney to be able to represent the individual.

Contacting a Maryland Armed Robbery Attorney

Every armed robbery case is different, which is why it is crucial to seek the services of a lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases. Although each case is unique, there are often common or similar elements many armed robbery cases. This could include certain types of evidence, witness testimony, and the dangerous weapon. There is a law on what constitutes a dangerous weapon for purposes of the statute and a seasoned lawyer will have experience making arguments relating to this element of the case.

A Maryland armed robbery lawyer knows what to look for, what to expect in terms of how the case is going to proceed, and how the evidence is going to develop. By anticipating the different aspects of the case, an attorney could make arguments to put you in a better position. Call today to get started on your defense.

Maryland Armed Robbery Lawyer