Our Approach to Theft Cases in DC

Theft is considered to be a crime of dishonesty and in some cases, like robbery, is considered a serious violent crime. Convictions for these crimes have a lasting impact on your personal life and professional career which makes it important to work with the DC theft lawyer immediately who can help you defend your case from the very beginning and work to avoid a conviction.

The lawyer can pinpoint any mitigating circumstances that might help in negotiations with the prosecutor. For example, someone who lost their job, is recently homeless, and takes food from a convenience store to feed his family, is seen as less culpable or less blameworthy than a person who enters someone’s home to steal their television set.

Personal and extenuating circumstances can be discussed with the attorney to determine if they will either hurt or significantly help in defending the case.

Things a Theft Attorney Will Look For

Any evidence that indicates that someone was operating under mistaken beliefs or did not have the required intent to actually take another person’s property is information that their attorney looks for during the initial client interview.

The lawyer also reviews who the witnesses are and the circumstances surrounding what they allegedly saw with their own eyes. For example, the attorney finds out what time of day the theft occurred and what the weather conditions were like at the time.

If it was dark outside and raining, the witness most likely did not have a good view of who committed the theft. The attorney also investigates the location of the theft, which is important in a case where the theft occurred at night. Even if it was a clear night, if the street is a poorly lit area, the witness most likely did not have a clear view of who committed the theft.

What Should a Person Expect From a Theft Attorney?

You can expect all of our DC theft lawyers to work diligently on your case and carefully analyze the evidence against you. Your lawyer independently investigates the theft and works to uncover evidence that is in your favor, whether it be testimony from a witness, or a video evidence from a camera in a store or out on the street.

All of our theft lawyers are passionate, hardworking, and fight for your rights during your criminal case.

Benefits of Hiring Legal Representation

You are guaranteed to have a team of experienced theft attorneys who work collaboratively. Even when you are directly working with only one attorney, you have the benefit of several minds working together whenever a new issue comes up or if your case requires a trial.

What Makes Our Firm So Effective?

Our firm’s attorneys all practice in Washington, DC full time. They are experienced in working with DC’s judges and prosecutors and are familiar with how cases are investigated by police and ultimately, prosecuted.

Our firm works thoroughly and zealously on your behalf to investigate your case and identify all potential defenses. This will ultimately prove to get you the best possible outcome in defending your case.