The Value of an Attorney in DC Sex Crime Cases

Why is it important to hire an attorney early on in a sex offense case?

Hiring an attorney early in the process of a sexual offense situation is critical; I cannot overstate that. A sexual offense allegation is made after the alleged incident has occurred, so the police are not on-hand to immediately arrest a suspect. Instead, they have to gather information or, if the parties know each other, the alleged victim will identify the alleged defendant and a detective will call the suspect or show up at their residence or place of employment. The detective will start asking questions and they will try to ask them without informing the defendant of exactly what the allegations against them are. That puts the defendant in a very precarious situation because they might know that they have done nothing wrong, but not know exactly what they are accused of, so they may inadvertently admit to conduct and that ends up hurting their defense later. It is my policy to advise clients who hire me prior to being arrested or charged with a sexual offense to strongly consider not giving any statements to the police until and unless they let us know exactly what the allegations being presented by this alleged victim are. I do not want them to inadvertently admit to anything. It is the government’s burden to prove the allegations and admitting facts to the government that they have to prove makes it that much easier for them to move forward against the defendant. The defendant may not have done anything wrong but they are placed in a situation in which their liberty is at stake.

What makes you uniquely qualified to handle sex offense cases?

I have worked on sex offense cases for a dozen years. I have gotten to know most of the sex offense prosecutors and many of the sex offense detectives, and I have built a good professional rapport with the law enforcement individuals. I know how the process works and what they are looking for. I am able to use those years of experience with these government agencies and individuals to make sure that my clients have the best possible representation going forward when a sex offense accusation is made. I have also handled many cases in which I was able to demonstrate that my client was not guilty. I understand that false or mistaken accusations are made in sex offense cases all the time and with that knowledge in mind, I work as hard as I possibly can to diligently represent my clients. I know how serious these accusations are and how often they are made inaccurately.

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