DC Student Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Allegations of sexual misconduct may have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Aside from the legal consequences, such accusations could follow a student throughout their professional career. If you are facing accusations of sexual misbehavior, consulting a DC student sexual misconduct lawyer may be critical. Our well-practiced student defense attorneys could build a defense case to fight for you.

Defining Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct does not have a specific definition under DC law but rather applies to a number of different offenses. The least serious sex crime is misdemeanor sexual abuse, which includes any sexual contact without consent. That is usually groping or squeezing someone’s private parts in a public area. Sexual misconduct could go all the way up to rape or sexual assault.

Sex crimes have different degrees and distinctions under DC law depending on the nature of the offensive behavior and the mental or physical state of the alleged victim. Campuses have their own definitions under the school’s sexual conduct policy.

In just about every case, student conduct codes are more expansive than the DC criminal code. In addition to sexual abuse, assault, and rape, verbal behaviors could be considered sexual misconduct.

Other types of behaviors may be criminal even if they are not strictly considered sexual misconduct. Such acts include harassment and stalking. Since campus codes of conduct do not always mirror the DC Code, these acts may be considered sexual misconduct under college or university policy. Individuals who are charged with student sexual misconduct should speak with a DC lawyer to learn more about the nature of their charges and their legal options.

Recent Trends in Student Sexual Misconduct

In recent years, more and more people have begun speaking out about instances of sexual misconduct. As a result, educational institutions have started to take more seriously the need to provide equal treatment for male and female students. Colleges and universities may have strict sexual misconduct policies, and they often take any allegations of sexual misconduct seriously.

While not much evidence is present that shows the behavior is more common, it has been reported more and is being treated more seriously by educational institutions. As a consequence of the increase in sexual assault reports, every campus has undergone a significant overhaul to address inadequacies in their reporting processes and their response to reports. An experienced attorney could explain how the current trends in DC may impact a person’s sexual misconduct case.

Hiring a DC Student Sexual Misconduct Attorney is Essential

Retaining legal counsel could help students facing sexual misconduct allegations understand their charges and how to defend against them. An intelligent DC student sexual misconduct lawyer could explain how the college campus code could impact your case and advocate against any potential penalties you are facing. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney regarding your rights.

The sooner you reach out to an attorney, the sooner the attorney could begin working on your case. Let our seasoned and skilled Washington DC student sexual misconduct attorneys fight for you.

DC Student Sexual Misconduct Lawyer