Washington DC Student Defense Lawyer

Attending college is a necessary step for most young adults to improve their job prospects and embark upon their chosen careers. While there are rules that govern students at colleges and universities, just like at any other school, you may not have read them or expect them to affect your life in any way.

When you end up charged with a disciplinary violation, you may want to contact a Washington DC student defense lawyer for help.

College disciplinary proceedings could come into play even in incidents that occur totally off campus. If you are arrested for a crime, even if the charges later are dismissed or you are found not guilty, you still could face university conduct code violations.

These rules of conduct may also apply to on-campus incidents, such as pranks, vandalism, and underage drinking. When you are in one of these situations, you may face college disciplinary proceedings, the results of which could have a direct impact on your future.

A well-practiced criminal defense attorney could champion your case and help clear your name of any charges so you may return to furthering your education.

Student Disciplinary Proceedings

Every college and university has enacted different disciplinary rules and proceedings, which may be very confusing to students and their families. The exact nature of the student code violation charges and proceedings varies widely, meaning that what might be permissible behavior at one college is impermissible at another college.

The procedures for student violations might be informal or formal and may entail several distinct stages of review. A Washington DC student defense lawyer who is familiar with these proceedings could be key to overcoming the allegation made against any student.

Consequences of Disciplinary Code Violations

If the disciplinary commission or governing body of a college finds that a student has violated its code of conduct in some way, the consequences may be quite serious. The punishment for such a violation could vary according to the nature and severity of the offense, as well as students’ history of behavior.

For the most serious charges, students could face suspension or expulsion from the school altogether. Repercussions of this nature can leave a permanent black mark on students’ records that other colleges, graduate schools, and even employers might see when students apply for admission to graduate programs or jobs.

Disciplinary Proceedings Resulting from Criminal Arrests in DC

A night of seemingly harmless fun off campus may quickly deteriorate into not-so-fun consequences when students end up in legal trouble. In many cases, not only could students have to deal with potential criminal charges and criminal court sanctions, but they might also face college disciplinary charges.

Even if an arrest for DWI, underage drinking, or minor drug possession never results in criminal charges, or the case is dropped, students may still have to deal with potential sanctions by their schools.

Even worse, if students do end up with a criminal conviction, even for a first-time minor offense, they can face sanctions, which might include a period of probation, community service hours, random drug and alcohol testing, and even jail time if the offense is more serious. These sanctions are in addition to those imposed by a college or university for student code of conduct violations.

A criminal conviction might make students ineligible for federal student financial aid, make it more difficult for students to find housing, and potentially bar students from certain careers. A conviction reflects poorly on students who are seeking to attend graduate school, applying for important internships, or looking for employment.

With the help of a student defense lawyer in Washington, students might be able to avoid or minimize the negative repercussions of a criminal conviction and any sanctions that a college seeks to impose.

Speaking with a Washington DC Student Defense Attorney

If you fear that an arrest or college prank is going to turn into a permanent smear on your academic and criminal records, you need the help that a Washington DC student defense lawyer may be able to offer you.

During this stressful and difficult time for you and your family, you need to know your rights in both criminal and disciplinary proceedings and how you may be able to overcome any potential sanctions.

Contact a student defense lawyer today and have your situation evaluated. An attorney could help you make the informed decisions that are best designed to resolve your legal matters in a positive manner.