Maryland Carjacking Lawyer

Carjacking is a common offense in Maryland and the surrounding area. Generally, a carjacking is when someone takes possession of a motor vehicle from another person who possesses that vehicle, by force or violence, or by the threat of force or violence, and is done without permission. A conviction for this type of offense may result in significant penalties that could greatly limit a person’s freedom and potentially negatively affect future employment prospects. Someone facing a carjacking charge may greatly benefit from retaining the legal services of a Maryland carjacking lawyer.

An adept defense attorney could examine the facts surrounding the case and possibly begin forming a credible defense on behalf of the accused. Call to set up a time for a consultation to discuss the case.

Common Carjacking Scenarios in Maryland

A frequent carjacking scenario may occur at a gas station where a person finishes pumping gas, goes into the building to make a purchase and returns to the car with their keys in their hands. Someone runs up and yanks their keys out of their hand, throws them to the ground, and drives off with the car. Additionally, by taking the keys out of the person’s hand and shoving them to the ground, a felony charge could be applied as the prosecutor may view the show as using force.

Another scenario could be somebody stopping at a stoplight and a person approaches them with a weapon and tells the driver to get out of the car, and the alleged person gets in and drives off. While there was no actual violence, a prosecutor may argue that the threat of violence by brandishing a weapon or insinuating that the person had one could satisfy the threat or intimidation element of the Maryland carjacking statute, in addition to taking the vehicle without permission.

It may also be important to note, that when a person is charged with carjacking, they may also face other charges on top of the initial offense. Displaying or using a firearm during a carjacking could escalate the charge and increase the potential penalties that may be associated with the offense.

Role of an Accomplished Defense Attorney

A criminal lawyer’s role when working with a person charged with carjacking generally consists of preserving the accused’s best interests. This could include arguing the legal matters, motioning in court for suppression of evidence, negotiating with the prosecutor, researching the kinds of arguments that a prosecutor or judge may be receptive to, and leveraging relevant legal tools.

Reaching Out to a Maryland Carjacking Attorney

Carjacking charges could present significant consequences upon conviction. A criminal record may reduce future career and education prospects. Many employers and educational institutions prefer background checks that do not contain blemishes. Consult a Maryland carjacking lawyer before accepting a deal from a prosecutor or attending a potential court hearing. Call today to start building a substantial and legally valid defense.