Maryland Sex Crimes Lawyer

Trying to navigate the legal system and fight sex crime charges on your own could be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. A Maryland sex crimes lawyer could assist you in fighting your charges.

You will not have to face the charges alone when you hire a seasoned criminal attorney to represent you. Hiring a lawyer means there will be someone on your side advocating for you, while also working to protect your due process rights and defend you against the charges.

How a Sexual Crimes Defense Attorney Could Help

There are many ways in which a sex crimes attorney in Maryland could help a person facing charges for a sexual offense. An attorney could explain the charges, discuss the potential penalties for a conviction, and answer legal questions. An accomplished defense lawyer could also prepare an appropriate defense to the charges, work to protect a person’s due process rights, and fight for the best possible legal outcome.

Maryland Laws on Sexual Offenses

Crimes of a sexual nature are outlined in Maryland’s Criminal Code Title 3, which covers crimes against the person. Within Title 3, specific sex-based offenses prohibited by law are listed in Subtitle 3. Examples of sexual offenses prohibited by law may include:

There are varying degrees of seriousness for some sexual offenses. Alleged offenses charged at a higher degree are considered to be more serious and are associated with more severe penalties upon conviction. A charge of rape or attempted rape in the first degree is legally categorized as a more serious offense than rape or attempted rape in the second degree.

One reason for charging a particular sexual-based offense at a higher degree is the alleged use of a weapon or force to inflict serious bodily injury on a person. A Maryland sex crimes attorney could explain the differences between varying degrees of a particular offense, and the potential legal penalties associated with each degree.

Penalties for Sex Crime Convictions

The legal penalties for conviction of a sex crime could include a term of imprisonment and a monetary fine. The length of the jail or prison term and the amount of the fine imposed can vary depending on the specific offense(s) for which a person was convicted and are likely to be more severe if there are prior convictions for similar offenses. A Maryland attorney could answer questions regarding the potential penalties associated with the specific sexual charges a person is facing.

Speak with a Maryland Sex Crimes Attorney

It is best not to try fighting criminal charges for a sexually-based offense on your own. A lawyer familiar with both the legal system and laws on sexual crimes could help you prepare a proper defense to the specific charges you are facing. A lawyer could also work to protect your rights while fighting to obtain the best possible legal outcome for you.

Allow a lawyer for sex-based offenses to represent you and advocate for your best interests. Contact a Maryland sex crimes lawyer for assistance today.