Maryland Human Trafficking Lawyer

Human trafficking is a serious problem across the globe. Given the infamy of human trafficking schemes, law enforcement may be pushed to pursue allegations of human trafficking in Maryland far too vigorously. In many cases, there is only the perception of the offense.

Since police and law enforcement often pursue these charges vigorously, defending against a human trafficking allegation could be the most important decision you might make. Hiring a Maryland human trafficking lawyer could help you fight an accusation and keep it from turning into a serious criminal conviction. A well-practiced attorney could champion your defense and fight for you.

Human Trafficking in Maryland

Human trafficking, also referred to as modern slavery, involves the movement of other people in order to force or compel them to provide work or other services without payment or with minimal compensation. In many cases, human trafficking is done to procure physical labor in jobs that are so dangerous or physically demanding that no one else will do them. In many other cases, the work required of the purported victims is sexual in nature. It should be noted that not all human trafficking is so apparent: Small businesses from salons to cleaning services have been known to benefit from forced labor.

Since Maryland has such a busy port and airport, it is a hotspot for human trafficking schemes. Law enforcement is aware of this and has stepped up their enforcement of local human trafficking laws. The state has even created the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force to detect instances of the crime.

The vigor with which law enforcement pursues allegations of human trafficking could put innocent people at risk of a mistaken criminal charge and in need of an accomplished Maryland defense attorney. A dedicated attorney could examine the evidence prosecutors have against an accused person and build a defense case.

The Penalties for Human Trafficking Convictions

The penalties for human trafficking convictions are high and carry up to 10 years in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. They could get worse if the person who was allegedly trafficked was underage at the time of the alleged offense. Convictions for trafficking a minor come with up to 25 years in jail and fines of up to $15,000.

Many allegations of human trafficking also have multiple counts if there are multiple people who are assumed to have been trafficked. As these counts stack on top of each other, the penalties of a human trafficking conviction can skyrocket. With the stakes so high, retaining the skills of a human trafficking lawyer in Maryland becomes even more important.

Talk to a Maryland Human Trafficking Attorney

If you have already been accused and formally charged with violating Maryland’s human trafficking law, then reaching out to an attorney can be the wisest move you can make. Building your case and challenging the prosecutor’s evidence can show your innocence by presenting your side of the story and proving that the criminal accusation is groundless.

Even if you have not been accused of human trafficking, though, talking to a Maryland human trafficking lawyer can help to ensure that no charges are filed in the future, or that you are prepared for them, if they are.

Mistakes or oversights in the immigration process for the employees that work at your business can balloon out of proportion and lead to far more serious accusations of human trafficking. Scheduling a consultation with a Maryland human trafficking attorney can ensure that this does not happen. Whether you have been charged with human trafficking or want to ensure that you never are, scheduling a consultation with a Maryland human trafficking lawyer can be a wise move to make.