When to Call a Lawyer in a Maryland Gun Investigation

While legal aid may be crucial during a criminal investigation, a person may have doubts as to when it is appropriate for them to reach out to an attorney. If you are wondering when to call a lawyer in a Maryland gun investigation, there is typically no need to hesitate. It is never too early to speak to a criminal attorney about potential or ongoing investigations.

When and Why Should a Person Call an Attorney?

There is no better time than right away to call a lawyer. If a person assumes or knows for a fact that they are under a police inquiry, it does not hurt to reach out and contact legal counsel. Many private attorneys offer a free consultation, and lawyers could assess the situation. Based on the consultation, the lawyer may be able to tell if an investigation is occurring.

Speaking to the Authorities

Individuals under investigation could take certain steps to protect themselves. It is highly advisable for people to refrain from saying anything to detectives or law enforcement officials without the advice and consultation of an attorney. It may be an old adage people hear on TV shows or in movies, but it is also true.

How to Give Statements to Law Enforcement

While there may be circumstances in which it is beneficial to talk to law enforcement in an investigation, any statement a person makes may likely be used against them. In certain situations, however, the facts may be on the person’s side, and they may benefit from sharing those facts with the investigator. While doing so, it is crucial to approach the conversation strategically with the advice of a lawyer. Law enforcement may at times have preconceived notions that the person is guilty of the allegation.

How Investigators May Approach a Case

Investigators could view statements or information differently than the person targeted by the investigation. The person targeted may think their transparency will be beneficial to them and show law enforcement they have nothing to hide, while law enforcement is simply using their own words against them to build a case to eventually file charges and arrest the individual. The sooner the person decides to call a lawyer if they know or suspect they may be under a Maryland gun investigation, the better their chances of disproving any allegations.

Steps to Prevent Gun Charges

Learning Firearm Laws

Individuals could benefit from familiarizing themselves with the firearm regulations and being cautious around guns in Maryland. If they are a gun owner or interested in becoming a gun owner, they should familiarize themselves with firearm regulations. The easiest way to do so may be to call an experienced lawyer who could explain the laws.

Exercising Caution

Since the gun laws in Maryland are very complicated, it is crucial to be very cautious. They are enforced strictly and could carry very serious consequences. Even if a person is not a gun owner and has no interest in firearms, if there is a weapon at a friend’s house or someone brings a gun to their home or into their vehicle, they should exercise vigilance.

If they get in the front passenger’s seat of a friend’s car and see they have a handgun in the glove compartment, they could face gun charges if an officer pulls them over and learns about the gun. While they may ultimately have a defense for such allegations, it may take considerable financial expenditure, stress, and time to successfully win a criminal case.

Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible

Do not hesitate if you are unsure when to call a lawyer in a Maryland gun investigation. An attorney could help you today by explaining the law and how it may affect your case. They could represent you while speaking to the authorities.