Maryland Firearm Possession Lawyer

One of the most common reasons a person would want to possess a firearm is for personal safety. Some people feel safer if they have a gun they can use to protect themselves, their family, home, or property from any threats. Others like to own a firearm for recreational purposes, such as hunting or sport shooting.

Regardless of your reasoning, if you are considering purchasing a gun, you should consult with a Maryland firearm possession lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the regulations surrounding possession and work to ensure that you are not charged with a gun crime and face penalties as a result.

Process for Legal Possession

The process an individual must go through to legally possess a firearm is somewhat challenging in Maryland. It may not be the most challenging in the country, but it is much more arduous than a lot of states where someone can simply purchase a firearm, or the process is lightly regulated.

In Maryland, a person must be over 21 years old and successfully complete a handgun qualification to obtain a license to purchase a handgun. Once an individual purchases their gun, they may then receive a license for that weapon.

A prospective gun owner should obtain their license within 30 days, and this permit lasts for ten years unless it is revoked. There are a few exceptions to this process for former law enforcement officers and military. Otherwise, everyone has to go through this same process. A firearm possession attorney in Maryland could explain this process to a prospective gun owner.

When Can Someone Lawfully Carry a Firearm?

The limitation for a person with a valid registration to carry a firearm in Maryland are extremely strict. The default status is that a person is prohibited from transporting a firearm except under certain circumstances. A Maryland lawyer who understands firearm possession laws could determine if an individual’s situation applies to one of these circumstances. These exceptions may include transporting a weapon:

  • To or from a legal purchase
  • To or from certain events and activities
  • For hunting purposes
  • To or from a gun range for informal target practice
  • Between personal property and business property that the gun holder owns

The Importance of Carrying Documentation

One of the most important things for a gun owner to remember is to keep all of their documentation and their license with them at all times. Even a picture that contains all of the pertinent information may be enough for a law enforcement officer or official to verify an owner’s possession.

Also, it is generally good practice to carry the receipt or a copy of the invoice from the purchase. Therefore, if there are any questions as to the legality of a firearm or the purchase, the police can verify it. If an individual is going to a certain hunting or sport-shooting event, bringing documentation related to this gather also could help corroborate their justified exceptions for carrying a firearm.

Behavior to Avoid

Gun holders should avoid bringing a firearm into the public unless it is for a specific legal exception, such as for a hunting or sport shooting event or safety training. Additionally, firearm owners should avoid brandishing their weapon at all times.

It is never permitted to fire a weapon on public property, even if a gun holder does not aim at any person. Therefore, this should be avoided at all times. Finally, unless a registered gun owner has a carry permit, they should abstain from having their weapon in public.

Consult with a Maryland Gun Possession Attorney

While everyone has the right to own a gun, the process to legally possess one can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, a Maryland firearm possession lawyer could help obtain your gun license and ensure that you are not in danger of violating any regulations. To learn more about gun possession, schedule a consultation today.

Maryland Firearm Possession Lawyer