Maryland Federal Perjury Lawyer

While lying under oath is considered a federal crime, there are numerous cases where federal perjury charges are filed quickly and with little regard for what really happened. In these cases, your reputation and your future could be put at risk. Vigorously defending against the allegations can prevent the accusation from turning into a costly federal conviction.

A Maryland federal perjury lawyer could help you defend your rights in court. Reaching out to a tenacious federal attorney when facing such charges could be beneficial.

What is Perjury?

Perjury is defined by 18 U.S.C. § 1621 as taking an oath for the purpose of telling the truth, and then willfully saying something of importance that is not believed to be true. While a straightforward statute, there are two very important aspects to it that can help people who have been accused of federal perjury.

Initially, there is the alleged untruthfulness of the statement that was made under oath. Prosecutors bear the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the statement was untrue. In many cases where the statement at issue involves complex issues or centers around a defendant’s judgment, this can present an important avenue for a Maryland federal perjury lawyer to defend.

Prosecutors also have to show that a defendant not only believed that what they were saying was not true and was also willfully saying it in contravention to their oath. With the help of an experienced attorney, people who said something that was not true but who were unaware of the inaccuracy of their statement can use their lack of knowledge as a defense to perjury.

When Can Perjury Happen?

Perjury is not just a matter for a courtroom or trial – it can happen any time someone swears to an oath to tell the truth. Even if there is no oral statement, there can still be the threat of a perjury charge if the purportedly false statement was made in writing, if the veracity of the document was sworn to under oath. This means perjury charges can follow allegedly false or misleading statements made in the following contexts:

  • Trial
  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Depositions
  • Interrogatories
  • Testimony in front of a grand jury
  • Official applications or other documents that involve a signatory’s oath of truthfulness, like affidavits
  • Written documents that involve a notarization

Going into one of these situations without the help and guidance of a Maryland federal perjury attorney can be a risk. Even where the person making the statement does not think that perjury will be committed, the presence of a Maryland lawyer who understands the nuances of perjury law can avoid a serious pitfall that turns into a federal criminal charge.

The Penalties of Perjury

Perjury is not a light offense. A conviction for a federal charge of perjury can come with a steep fine and up to five years in jail. It can also saddle defendants with a serious taint on their criminal history that makes it difficult to live life after the other penalties are completed. A federal perjury attorney in Maryland could help defendants avoid these penalties by raising a stiff defense to the charges they are facing.

Speak with a Maryland Federal Perjury Attorney

If you are going into a tricky interview or are dealing with law enforcement and are being asked to make a statement under oath, it can be essential to bring a lawyer who is familiar with perjury charges to the table with you.

Their knowledge of the law and past experience can alert you to pitfalls in the interview process and help you avoid even the perception of perjury. If the charge has already been filed, retaining an attorney’s help is even more crucial. Reach out to a Maryland federal perjury lawyer today. Contact us online for help.