Maryland Money Laundering Lawyer

Money laundering is a crime that involves taking funds that have been acquired through illegal means and making them appear legitimate. This typically involves processing them through an international financial institution or other entity.

If you are facing criminal charges, you may need to seek advice from a Maryland money laundering lawyer. A federal defense attorney who has a deep understanding of these legal proceedings could explain what your charges mean and answer your questions. Fighting back against money laundering charges can pose distinctive challenges and could require a powerful legal strategy from the outset.

The Money Laundering Process

Money laundering is frequently committed alongside other chargeable offenses, such as bribery, trafficking, and prostitution. The money laundering process is extremely complex and can involve a variety of different procedures.

This crime is often divided into three, separate phases, but these phases may sometimes merge or fluctuate. The first phase of money laundering is known as placement. It is during this window of time that the money acquired through illegal means first enters an economic institution.

The second phase is called layering. The layering phase is when the origin and owner of the money is concealed by making the “dirty” money “clean.” The third phase is integration, when the money reenters the legal financial market.

To get a conviction, the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an arrangement was made to conceal the illegal origin of the funds. A Maryland lawyer could locate any deficiencies in the prosecution’s case against the accused that could help to refute the money laundering charges.

Money Laundering Sentences

The sentences for money laundering may vary depending on the origin of the proceeds, the value of the laundered funds, and whether or not other crimes were committed at the same time as the laundering offense. While Maryland does not have a specific money laundering law, an individual could be charged under the state’s fraud laws, as well as federal money laundering laws.

This makes it crucial to consult a local money laundering attorney as soon as charges are leveled, as they could help the accused understand the penalties they may be up against. In terms of legal punishments imposed by the state, the court could find the person guilty of a misdemeanor or felony crime and order them to pay steep fines and/or spend time in prison.

Title 18 United States Code §1956 contains the sentences for federal money laundering charges. The federal penalties for money laundering can include a $500,000 fine and a period of incarceration of up to 20 years. However, the prison term may be enhanced under certain circumstances. In addition to imprisonment and fines, the court could put the individual on probation. Probation periods vary but usually range from 12 months to several years.

Talk with a Maryland Money Laundering Attorney

If you or someone you know has been charged with money laundering, it may be imperative to secure legal representation. A Maryland money laundering lawyer could construct a strong case on your behalf and guide you through the complex process of defending your charges. Schedule your case consultation today.