Maryland Federal Bribery Lawyer

Unlike at the state levels, federal bribery charges can come from a wide variety of conduct. As an alternative for only applying to public officials, federal bribery law also includes offering incentives for conduct in a host of other circumstances. It should be noted that the penalties that come with a conviction for federal bribery are still shockingly high.

Retaining the skills and services of a Maryland federal bribery lawyer could be essential if you have been accused of bribery and want to protect your future. Talking to a well-practiced attorney before you do something that could be misinterpreted as bribery can potentially help you avoid a criminal charge.

Bribing a Public Official

Perhaps the most well-known instance of a bribery offense, 18 U.S.C. § 201 prohibits offering something to a public official to influence their conduct. It also prohibits public officials from demanding or accepting such a bribe. Since this is a federal law, it focuses on members of Congress. It should be noted that the term “public official” is very broad and encompasses officers or even employees of a government agency or department.

These are often the most publicized and serious types of bribery charges that someone can face, with jail sentences going up to 15 years. Hiring a skilled federal bribery attorney in Maryland could ensure that a vigorous defense is raised against the allegations.

Bribing a Witness

18 U.S.C. § 201(c)(3) goes beyond just public officials and includes offering bribes to witnesses for the purpose of securing either their favorable testimony or their absence from a trail, hearing, or other official proceedings. Witnesses who demand or accept compensation for providing certain testimony under oath can also be charged with bribery.

As an experienced attorney could explain, the law does carve out an important exception: Witnesses can demand and may be offered fees that are meant to cover their travel and subsistence while they attend the court proceeding. Expert witnesses could also be paid a fee for the time they spend preparing their testimony for the trial or hearing.

While less severe than bribing a public official, bribing a witness could carry a jail sentence of up to two years. Hiring a Maryland attorney to defend against a federal bribery charge might be the best way to fight a conviction.

Bribery to Influence Sporting Events

A lesser known aspect of federal bribery law is 18 U.S.C. § 224, which prohibits the use of bribery to influence sporting events. Both professional and amateur sports are covered by this statute, which explicitly allows states to pass parallel laws that prohibit sports bribery.

An attorney in Maryland may be able to provide the legal assistance necessary to contest a federal charge of sports bribery. Retaining the skills of an attorney could help defendants defend against the high costs of a conviction, which may carry up to five years in jail.

How a Maryland Federal Bribery Attorney Can Help

If you have been accused of bribery – whether the accusation involves you offering or receiving the purported payment – hiring a skilled lawyer can be the best way to build your case and show your innocence. Protecting against a conviction for bribery is essential, not just to avoid a stiff jail sentence; many people who have been accused of bribery also stand to lose their professional reputation. A Maryland federal bribery lawyer could help you to raise the legal defenses necessary to challenge these groundless charges, protect your rights, and preserve both your future and your good name. Contact a hard-working attorney today.