Maryland Federal Appeals Lawyer

When a final judgment is imposed by a federal court, the convicted party may still be able to achieve a reversal or reduction on appeal. A Maryland federal appeals lawyer could offer legal assistance if you need help appealing a federal conviction. A seasoned criminal attorney could provide a thorough evaluation of your case and help you understand your best legal options.

Types of Federal Appeals

A local attorney could handle cases involving a variety of federal appeals, including alleged drug offenses, fraud (i.e. mail fraud, wire fraud, etc.), homicide, and money laundering. Appeals may also concern cases alleging white collar crimes, child pornography, racketeering, bank larceny, copyright infringement, and other federal offenses.

The Federal Appeals Process

To appeal a federal ruling, an attorney would first submit a notice of appeal to the presiding court. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit handles federal appeals in five different states, including Maryland. The appellant has two weeks from the date of the initial court ruling to submit their appeal to the court.

After the notice of appeal is sent, the appellant’s attorney would also submit a brief containing the previous judgment rendered by the court, the grounds upon which the appeal is being submitted, and the details and background of the case. Most appeals allege that some mistake was made by the previous judge or that the law was applied incorrectly. The government is required to submit a brief in answer to the appellant’s and both the government and the appellant may exchange a second round of briefs.

These briefs would then be evaluated by a group of judges who would determine whether to uphold or reverse the previous ruling. The attorneys for both sides may also have the opportunity to present short arguments before the court. In certain cases when the court does not grant a favorable judgment on appeal, the appellant may request a rehearing.

In the event these measures are unsuccessful, the appellant could request a writ of certiorari from the United States Supreme Court, which may agree to look at the case. Typically, the Supreme Court will only review an appeal if numerous federal appeals courts have applied the law in contrasting ways or the case concerns a particular legal theory.

Speak with a Maryland Federal Appeals Attorney

It could be essential for an appellant to be represented by a federal attorney who could craft compelling arguments based on sound legal reasoning at each stage of the appeals process. A lawyer who has an extensive background in appellate work and a thorough understanding of the laws governing these proceedings could help maximize the individual’s chances of getting their sentence overturned or lessened.

Do not delay seeking the experienced legal representation you need and deserve to protect your legal interests. Contact a Maryland federal appeals attorney at the earliest opportunity, as failure to submit the proper documents by the deadline could eliminate your right to contest your sentence. A practiced lawyer could review the facts of your case and the previous ruling to help you determine whether you have grounds to file an appeal. Call now to set up your case review.