Ten Days Following a DUI Arrest in Maryland

In the first ten days following a DUI arrest in Maryland, the most important thing the individual should do is talk to a lawyer. It is never too early to contact an attorney. An experienced DUI lawyer could give the person specific advice about the situation based on what happened at the traffic stop and the exact nature of the charge and arrest. If you have been charged with a DUI, call today and set up a consultation with a legal professional. A well-versed lawyer could advocate for you and stand by your side throughout the legal process.

Asking for a Hearing

After obtaining an attorney, the individual should reach out to the Maryland Vehicle Association (MVA) to ask for a hearing. When someone is charged with a DUI, the MVA will automatically impose restrictions on driving privileges. However, the person has an opportunity to challenge those automatic consequences at an MVA hearing before an administrative law judge, but they have to request that hearing within ten days. If someone waits until the 11th day to request a hearing, they will miss the opportunity and the automatic penalties will be imposed.

Even if someone thinks it is a losing case and they have not talked to an attorney yet, they should reach out to the MVA to ask for a hearing. The hearing itself generally will not be held for another three to six weeks, so that can give someone time to get an attorney or come up with a strategy, but they need to act within those first ten days to ensure that they will get that hearing. If they ask for it ten days following a DUI arrest in Maryland, they get the hearing because it is their right.

Can a Person Drive During the Ten Days Following a DUI?

When someone is arrested in Maryland for a DUI, there will be a notice posted about their driving privileges, and they will be given a temporary driving permit that is good for 45 days. Even if those automatic actions are posted, they do not get imposed right away, and they get posted on day 46 after the charge. That means that during the first ten days after a DUI charge, as long as they are not under the influence again, obey all other traffic laws, and have no issues, the individual will be allowed to continue driving for those first ten days.

Challenging a License Suspension Following a DUI

If a person’s license is suspended following a DUI or is going to be suspended, they can request a hearing with the MVA. That starts the challenge process, and at a hearing, they will be allowed to advocate in front of an administrative law judge. It will be up to that judge to decide what, if any, penalties are going to be imposed on the person’s driving privileges. For more information about challenging a license suspension after a DUI, reach out to a skilled lawyer.

How an Attorney Could Help

During the ten days following a DUI arrest in Maryland, a lawyer could reach out to MVA on the defendant’s behalf for that hearing. In addition, the attorney can get started with the person on the case. There may be evidence they want to collect right away. There may be witness impressions that the attorney or their investigator will want to collect while people’s memories are still fresh. The more time an attorney has to prepare a case, the better.