What to Expect at a Maryland DUI Trial

Because DUI charges are taken so seriously by Maryland courts, it is critical for alleged offenders to speak with an attorney. A defense counsel could help you present yourself in a manner that is becoming of someone who the court could be more willing to be lenient with. While your future may seem uncertain, an attorney could also help you better understand what to expect at a Maryland DUI trial, prepare a defense, and help you take proactive measures.

What Happens the Day of Trial

At a trial for a DUI case, both parties let the judge know they are ready for a trial. The prosecutor makes an opening statement followed by the defense attorney’s opening statement. Next, the prosecution presents its case, calls witnesses, and calls police officers to testify. The defense attorney cross-examines each of the witnesses. Eventually, the prosecution rests having presented all of its evidence, and then the defense makes some motions.

Next, it is the defense’s turn to present a case, also calling witnesses, this time with the prosecution cross-examining them. Eventually, the defense also rests, and in some DUI cases, that is the end of evidence, more motions could be offered, and then each party makes closing arguments to the judge, summarizing their case and the evidence. At that point, the judge either delivers an opinion or recesses to deliberate. After the recess, the judge would then return to court with an opinion, usually later that same day.

Usually, Maryland DUI trials take only a day, unless it is a complicated or involved case.

Preparing for Trial with an Attorney

A person could prepare for trial with their attorney by first asking any questions they have. The attorney could walk the client through the day and tell them what to expect in the steps of the process. The attorney also could then prepare the client for what to do and what not to do in court.

Typically, attorneys tell the client not to ask questions to the judge directly, but do it through the attorney. The client is told to be respectful, dress in professional appropriate clothing, and not to chew gum, and to take the matter seriously. For DUI cases, the charges are often heavy in nature, which is why consulting with a Maryland attorney prior to trial is so critical.

First Steps upon Arriving for the First Day of Trial

Once the person arrives at the courthouse on the day of the trial, they should let their attorney know they are there. The attorney would let the court know that attorney and client are present. The attorney could then direct the client through the next steps of the DUI case.

Reach out to an Experienced Attorney Familiar with DUI Cases

Preparing for trial is one of the most important steps toward demonstrating to a court that you are willing to change the behavior that led to a DUI charge. DUIs are serious. Any time a person operates a vehicle, it is with the expectation that they hold the safety of themselves and others to the highest standard. With that being said, mistakes happen. And when they do, it is important for you to take every possible step toward a favorable courtroom outcome.

While the future may not seem certain, what to expect at a Maryland DUI trial is. An attorney could prepare you for court, walk you through the process, and help you build a defense that could bolster your chances of courtroom success. Reach out to an attorney today.