Maryland Drug Lawyer

There are few, if any, who would dispute the profoundly harmful effects on society wrought by drug addiction, trafficking and sales in the United States. Consequently, legislatures nationwide have enacted statutes designed to impose strict penalties on those involved in conduct in this realm.

Convictions on controlled substance charges routinely produce sentences that include long-term incarceration, crippling financial fines and a host of other ancillary ramifications that can prove insurmountable for those who receive them. If you are facing a drug charge and need an aggressive defense strategy, a Maryland drug lawyer can help. It may be critical to speak with an established criminal attorney right away.

Common Maryland Narcotic Offenses

Statutory provisions outlining key controlled substance offenses can be found in the Maryland legal code. As a Maryland lawyer knows, drug crimes in this realm include:

  • controlled substance and narcotics possession
  • sales of enumerated controlled substances and other types of drugs
  • drug possession with intent to sell
  • drug manufacturing and distribution
  • fraud related to prescription drugs
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • high volume drug trafficking

It is also possible for prosecutors to bring charges against those accused of committing ancillary crimes while under the dangerous influence of illegal substances, and the consequences of conviction can often be more serious than if the underlying offense had not involved this type of impairment.

What Are the Potential Consequences of a Drug Charge?

As a Maryland attorney knows,  first-time drug convictions can yield sentences that include long-term incarceration and massive financial fines. Job loss, professional license revocation, permanent damage to reputation and other implications of a criminal record are difficult obstacles to overcome. Those convicted of a drug crime more than once in a lifetime can anticipate even more devastating consequences, making a vigorous legal defense an absolute necessity.

Potential Defenses Against Drug Charges in Maryland

The sooner a defendant enlists the aid of a skilled attorney the more likely it is they can present a defense case they can be proud of. An attorney can understand the state and potentially federal statutes at play as well as the most effective ways to challenge unconstitutional search and seizure techniques employed by law enforcement officers. In this way, it is often possible for evidence to be excluded from use altogether, greatly increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

A Maryland lawyer could analyze the specific facts of each individual’s drug case to identify weaknesses in the state’s case and exploit them so as to achieve outright dismissals of the allegations, reductions in the original charges or, at a minimum, a lessening of the penalties eventually imposed upon conviction.

Help From a Maryland Drug Attorney

Drug-related criminal charges in Maryland have the potential to forever change the life trajectory of not just the accused, but their entire family. Though it can be easy for defendants to raise their hands in defeat in light of the state’s tremendous prosecutorial power, they must instead assert their right to mount an aggressive defense strategy aided by seasoned legal counsel. If you are facing an allegation of illegal activity involving drugs, now is the time to secure the advice and guidance only a Maryland drug lawyer can provide.

Maryland Drug Lawyer