Consequences for Maryland Domestic Violence Charges

If you are facing allegations of household abuse or any other form of domestic violence, you are likely to be overwhelmed and wondering about your legal options. The steps that should be taken immediately following an allegation are crucial, as are the steps taken throughout the ensuing legal process.

Depending on the specific circumstances of a case, the consequences for Maryland domestic violence charges can be far-reaching and severe. As a result, anyone who is navigating these charges might benefit from reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney for legal assistance. They could help an accused individual build a case in their defense and minimize the potential consequences they may be facing.

Immediate Penalties

Once a court convicts somebody of domestic violence in Maryland, one immediate consequence could be incarceration. The amount of jail time someone receives depends on the nature of the charges against them. If an accused individual is not incarcerated, they could be sentenced to probation.

This means they may have to report to a probation agent, and depending on the conditions of probation, they may have to submit to regular drug testing or wear an ankle monitor. Additionally, someone on probation may not be able to visit certain places, may need to seek pre-approval for any travel outside the state, and may be subject to substantial other restrictions.

Long-Term Consequences Associated with a Domestic Violence Conviction

In Maryland, an individual cannot get a conviction expunged from their record.  Even if the domestic violence conviction is a misdemeanor and no one was injured, they will be stuck with that criminal conviction on their record for the rest of their life. In addition to the initial punishments, there could be a psychological burden on that individual they may always have a criminal record despite how much they may have changed and how much time passes.

Additionally, domestic violence allegations carry a particular stigma in most social and professional settings, which could magnify the harmful impact of a conviction by following someone throughout their life and career. Simply put, a conviction on someone’s record has long-term consequences that could affect their employment, standing with a university, or housing or living situation.

Speak with a Maryland Attorney to Learn About the Consequences for Domestic Abuse Charges

A domestic violence charge can have serious consequences that, depending on the nature of the allegations, if convicted could range from personal and professional setbacks to a lengthy jail sentence. Therefore, you should contact an attorney with experience defending domestic violence cases if you are facing penalties such as these.

Even the accusation, well before prosecution and conviction, could have personal and social consequences. An attorney not only could help defend you against the criminal charges in the courtroom, but there may also be steps that a lawyer could take outside of the courtroom to help you. If there are social or personal repercussions from publicity, an attorney could take steps to balance these out or limit the spread of information. If you are facing consequences for a Maryland domestic violence charge, schedule an initial case consultation today.