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Simple assault is physical contact without consent, which can cover a broad range of inappropriate behavior. For behavior to classify as simple assault, there does not need to be any injury or significant contact with long-lasting harm. For instance, simple assault also could mean putting someone in reasonable fear of an immediate, unconsented touching. If you have been charged with this type of behavior, you should contact a Maryland simple assault lawyer to discuss your legal options. An experienced assault attorney could help you build your case and work to minimize any penalties you may be facing.

What are the Different Types of Simple Assault?

There are a couple of different categories of simple assault. One is often called battery or second-degree assault, which is what most people think of when they think of assault. As mentioned previously, this kind of assault involves physical contact without consent. This contact can be in the form of a poke, putting one’s hands on someone’s shoulders, a punch, a kick, a slap, or a shove. This unwanted physical contact does not have to be violent, cause injuries, or cause lasting physical harm to be considered assault.

Another type of simple assault is putting someone in immediate apprehension of unconsented physical contact. This means that an individual does something that makes a person think they are about to suffer battery or unwanted physical contact. For instance, if a person holds up their fist like they are about to punch someone in the face, they could still be charged with assault for putting that other person in fear that they were about to be assaulted, despite not actually making any contact with this other person.

The main characteristic among most types of assault is that there is an intentional attempt to unconsented physical contact. As such, if someone trips over a curb and accidentally bumps into another person and injures them, this is not criminal assault because this act was unintentional. A skilled Maryland simple assault attorney could review a defendant’s case and determine what kind of assault charge they may be facing based on the circumstances of their case.

Where are Simple Assault Cases Heard?

Simple assault cases are heard in the district court in the county where the defendant was charged. Someone charged with simple assault is facing a misdemeanor offense with a maximum prison sentence of ten years in prison and a fine of $2,500.  A Maryland lawyer with experience in defending simple assault charges could prepare an alleged offender for any court proceedings they may have to endure.

In Maryland, the accused has a right to a jury only if they are facing a penalty of more than ten years in prison absent other specific circumstances. Because the maximum penalty for simple assault is ten years in prison, someone accused of simple assault who takes a case to trial may have what is called a bench trial, meaning that a judge hears their case rather than a jury.

The Severity of a Misdemeanor Conviction

A misdemeanor charge should be taken seriously because they may have severe consequences, and it is still a criminal matter. A conviction may go on an individual’s record, and there is a chance it could stay there permanently. The immediate consequences may be going to jail for at least six months. Additionally, even if a convicted offender does not spend a significant amount of time in jail, there could be serious fines or terms of probation. Therefore, defendants should contact a seasoned criminal lawyer immediately.

Someone with a conviction on their criminal record could face other collateral consequences, such as issues with their employment, their status at an educational institution, and other social consequences. Anyone facing these charges and wishes to avoid these consequences or minimize their exposure to these potential consequences should reach out to a simple assault attorney in Maryland.

Contact a Maryland Simple Assault Attorney

If you have been charged with violently attacking someone, you should retain an experienced Maryland simple assault lawyer. A legal professional could assess your situation, analyze your case, and work with you to come up with the desired outcome to potentially get the case dropped or to work out alternative sentencing. To get started on your case, call today.

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