DC Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Depending on how much over the posted speed limit an individual is caught traveling, a speeding offense may come with a variety of serious consequences including fines of up to $1,000, the loss of DC driving privileges, points on an individual’s driving record, higher insurance premiums, and sometimes even jail time. With this in mind, a DC speeding ticket lawyer is available to assist those charged by mitigating the damage and preparing the individual for what to expect. To learn more about the penalties associated with speeding or what steps you can take to combat your ticket, call and schedule a consultation with a defense attorney in DC today.

Types of Speeding Offenses

In DC, the penalties for speeding are separated generally by how much over the posted speed limit an individual was traveling. If someone was traveling only 1 to 10 miles per hour over the limit, for example, they may face the lightest consequences compared to someone traveling 21 or more miles per hour over the limit. In some cases the individual may even be charged with reckless driving if their speed is determined by the officer to reach the level of reckless.

Proving Speed in Court

The different ways an officer will try to prove you were speeding in DC include pacing, radar, and LIDAR. With regards to pacing, an officer will follow an individual they suspect of speeding and use their own speedometer to determine the individual’s speed. This can be difficult however, as an officer must maintain a constant distance between their car and the suspect’s car for a reasonable amount of time in order to make a reliable estimate of the suspect’s speed. The difficulty of this method often makes it worthwhile to consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in DC, as they can advocate on the individual’s behalf and question the evidence put forth by the officer.

Another method used to catch speeding drivers is a radar device. An officer uses a unit which has radio waves to reflect off of moving objects in order to determine the speed. When the radio waves bounce off of someone’s car, they are picked up by a receiver in the unit and analyzed. The officer is then able to read the analysis on the screen in the unit and determine the speed that that person was traveling.

The final method used in DC speeding cases is LIDAR devices which entail an officer using a unit with a low-powered laser beam that bounces off of a targeted vehicle and sends a transmission to the receiver in the unit. The unit will then calculate the speed of the vehicle which can be read by the officer.

Resolving a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are resolved in the DMV and an individual is not required to show up to court in DC Superior Court unless they are charged with reckless driving. While a regular speeding ticket may result in a fine and points on their driver’s record, a conviction for a first offense reckless driving carries fines up to $500, the loss of their DC driving privileges, higher insurance premiums, and potentially jail time of 3 months.

Advantages of an DC Speeding Ticket Lawyer

An experienced DC speeding ticket attorney who is well-versed in the DC speeding laws can help someone charged with speeding navigate through either the DMV system or DC Superior Court system to ensure that any consequences associated with their speeding ticket are minimized. To discuss your case and the steps you can take to mitigate the damage, call and schedule a consultation today.