DC Restricted License Lawyer

When someone’s license is suspended or revoked it can have a major negative effect on their livelihood. However, depending on their circumstances, an individual may be eligible for a temporary restricted license which enables them to drive during certain hours to certain locations such as school or work. With this in mind, a DC-restricted license lawyer can help move the process along by writing a motion to the DMV on the individual’s behalf to request authorization for them to obtain a restricted license. To learn more or discuss your eligibility, call and schedule a consultation with a traffic lawyer in DC today.

Obtaining a Restricted License

In order to get a restricted license in Washington, DC the individual or their DC-restricted license lawyer must submit a request to the DMV once their license has been suspended or revoked. Their request must be accompanied by a letter from their employer on the company’s stationery or letterhead and addressed to the DMV Adjudication Services, that specifies that a person needs a license to maintain their livelihood. Also included in their request should be the dates and hours that they work along with their work address.

Additionally, if someone is requesting to operate a company vehicle, they should include the make and model of the vehicle. Finally, if they are requesting that they be able to operate a vehicle to travel to and from work, they should specify the travel hours. They must be a resident of DC and have a DC license in order to request a temporary restricted license. They may submit their request with all of the necessary documentation in person or by mail. Afterwards, they will be notified in writing by a hearing examiner of their decision. If they are approved for a restricted license, they must pay a reinstatement fee which is $98 and license renewal fee which is $44 or duplicate license fee which is $7.

How to Get the Restrictions Taken Off of a Restricted License

Once someone’s suspension or revocation period has expired, they will go through the license reinstatement process. This includes the payment of a reinstatement fee which is $98 as well as the passage of both the knowledge and road tests at the DMV. A restricted license lawyer in DC can assist in ensuring all requirements for reinstatement are met and that the process is undergone as successfully as possible. 

Violating License Restrictions

If someone is operating a vehicle outside of the approved hours and restrictions of their restricted license, they are considered to be operating after a suspension or revocation of their license. Under these circumstances, they may be arrested and/or fined up to $1,000. 

Importance of a DC Restricted License Lawyer

It is essential to have a DC-restricted license attorney when an individual does not have any other means of getting to work except by driving in DC, such as if a person does not have access to the DC Metro or it is not practical to use public transportation given the days and hours they are required to work. In these situations getting a restricted license may be the only way that a person can maintain their employment, so it is vital that they work with a restricted license lawyer in DC to avoid that consequence and go through the process as smoothly as possible.