DC License Suspension Lawyer

The DC DMV may suspend or revoke your privilege to drive in DC for committing certain violations while operating a vehicle. Once your license has been revoked, you must go through the process of getting it reinstated before you have the ability to drive legally. A DC license suspension lawyer will be able to help you through the process of both the DC DMV administrative hearing, as well as your case at the DC Superior Court, and ensure that your driving privileges are protected. To learn more or discuss the details of your case with a traffic lawyer in DC, call and schedule a consultation today.

Common Causes of License Suspensions in DC

Some of the common causes of license suspensions in DC include:  

  • Receiving major moving violations such as a DUI, DWI, or reckless driving
  • An accumulation of ten points due to moving violations on your driver’s record
  • Outstanding moving violation tickets that were not contested nor paid within the thirty-day required time period
  • Failure to pay child support

License Suspension From a DUI Arrest

If someone is arrested for a DUI, the DMV will immediately take action to suspend their license. The arresting officer will give them an Order of Proposed Revocation. Once they receive the Order, they may schedule an administrative hearing with the DC DMV

The hearing will determine if their DC license or privilege to drive in DC is suspended. If the individual or their DC license suspension attorney do not request a hearing, the DMV will automatically suspend their license. This action taken by the DMV is completely separate from any action that may occur as a result of the DUI DC Superior Court case. If convicted of a DUI in the DC Superior Court, there is a mandatory revocation period. For a first offense, the minimum revocation period is six months. For a second offense, the minimum revocation period is one year. For a third offense and all subsequent offenses, the minimum revocation period is two years.

Protecting Driving Privileges

It is important for an individual to answer any tickets that they receive in DC in a timely manner. They must either pay the fine or request an administrative hearing within sixty days of receiving the ticket. However, if neither option is chosen within 30 days, the fine associated with the ticket will double.

An individual should also periodically order a copy of their driver’s record in order to stay up to date on their driver’s license status and how many points have been assessed, and any traffic offenses they may have been charged with.

Challenging a Suspension

In order to challenge a suspension an individual may request an administrative hearing to be held at the DMV once they have received notice of their license being suspended. If they are a DC resident, they must request a hearing within ten days after their notice of suspension. If they are not a DC resident, the individual or their license suspension lawyer in DC must request a hearing within fifteen days.

In order to request a hearing, the individual will need to have a copy of their notice of suspension, a copy of their driver’s license, and any other supporting documentation. They may submit a request in person or through the mail. If, for instance, they are granted an administrative hearing and the decision is not what they had hoped for, they are able to appeal. They must appeal the result within fifteen days of the hearing examiner’s decision. 

Administrative Hearings

At the administrative hearing, an experienced DC license suspension attorney will challenge the alleged bases for the suspension. A driver does not need to go to court to challenge a license suspension. All hearings will be held at the DMV. Additionally, they do not need to file an appeal unless they are not satisfied with the hearing examiner’s decision at their administrative hearing.

Retaining Your DC Driver’s License

A person does not need to be acquitted in order to get their license reinstated, but they do need to complete the required revocation period. Once completed, they must go to the DMV to schedule a reinstatement hearing with proper documentation. Such documentation includes proof of SR-22 insurance, a copy of their alcohol treatment program certificate if required, and a certified copy of their DC Superior Court disposition. Additionally, there is a $98 reinstatement fee. If they have a DC license, in order to get their license reinstated, they must first pass both the knowledge and road tests.

Role of a DC License Suspension Attorney

A DC license suspension lawyer will be able to attend any administrative hearing including the suspension and reinstatement hearing on their client’s behalf. The lawyer will also be able to guide them through the complicated DC Superior Court process. For information on how an attorney can help you, call today.