DC Driving Without Registration Lawyer

In order for DC residents to operate their vehicle in DC without penalties, they must first properly register their vehicle with the DMV. In order to be properly registered, they must complete a vehicle safety and emission inspection. Additionally, they must complete a registration process with the DMV. If you have been charged with failure to register your vehicle, retain the services of an experienced DC driving without registration attorney. There are steep consequences if you are found liable, but there are possible defenses that your DC traffic lawyer may be able to argue to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

Ensuring Registration is Always in Your Car

You should always make sure you have your registration on you or in your car because you may face a fine for failure to exhibit registration if pulled over. Additionally, you should have a physical paper copy of your registration card. If pulled over, a police officer may not accept your registration information that is on your cell phone as proof.

Penalties for Driving without Registration in DC

Penalties include a fine of $100 for a lapse in registration between one to thirty days. There is an additional $200 fine for each additional thirty days that you did not have valid registration. Your car may also be impounded. The maximum fine is $2,400. Additionally, you may face $1,000 fines and imprisonment up to thirty days if found guilty of using fraudulent registration or providing false information in order to obtain registration.

Some common charges a person may face when driving without registration is a failure to exhibit registration or failure to provide proof of registration if you do not have documentation in your car when pulled over by a police officer.

What to Have when Speaking with a Driving without Registration Attorney

When speaking with a driving without registration lawyer, a person should have present any documentation received from the DMV in regards to their renewal of their registration, their DC driver’s license, proof of ownership of their vehicle such as the title, any previous vehicle registration, proof of DC car insurance, and proof of their most recent vehicle inspection.