Benefits of a DC Shoplifting Attorney

An attorney could help someone facing shoplifting charges in DC by guiding them through the procedure of coming to court and addressing the judge and the prosecutor at the start of a trial. Additionally, they could work to ensure that the proper procedure is followed at each step, the prosecutor turns over any required documents, and the judge does not issue any orders or restrictions that they should not impose.

As the case proceeds, an attorney could review the allegations and determine the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. A lawyer could not only identify these issues but know how to use them to build a defense. Overall, there are numerous benefits of a DC shoplifting attorney that could help guide an accused individual throughout the legal process.

The Role of a Legal Representative During Arraignment

The role an attorney plays in a defendant’s arraignment is to represent the accused individual. Once an attorney informs the court that they are representing the defendant, the lawyer would enter a plea of not guilty and assert the accused individual’s constitutional rights at the proceeding.

A legal professional also may make a formal demand for discovery to the prosecutor and request a status hearing date in a few weeks so that both parties could return to court and inform the judge of the status of their case, specifically if there are still negotiations happening or if they are unable to work things out and need to set it for a trial. At the arraignment, the defense attorney may request that the defendant be allowed to remain free from custody as they await their trial date.

Building a Defense

Another one of the benefits of a DC shoplifting attorney is that they could build a strong defense. To prepare a defense, the attorney will look at the government’s allegations and the details of the case. They will then speak with the defendant to determine how accurate those allegations may be.

After looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case, the attorney could begin developing a defense strategy. The attorney could then conduct an investigation on their own, gather evidence, and talk to witnesses.

When to Contact an Attorney

If someone has been arrested or charged with shoplifting in DC, it is beneficial to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The earlier an attorney becomes involved in the case, the more options a person may have.

Additionally, some forms of evidence are time-sensitive, and if an accused individual does not reach out to an attorney soon enough, these pieces of evidentiary support may be destroyed. For instance, sometimes important surveillance footage from a business is erased or recorded over.

In general, getting involved early would give the attorney the best chance to investigate, meet with the defendant, and develop a strategy. More importantly, if a lawyer is involved early, they could advise a defendant to avoid speaking with law enforcement before they say something that may incriminate them.

What Are the Advantages of a Shoplifting Attorney?

Anybody charged with shoplifting is going to want the attorney could best represent their interest and be able to pursue a desirable outcome effectively. Due to the nature of the charge, shoplifting could often be resolved via a diversion program or alternative resolution, whether it is a diversion program or drug court.

There are several options in DC where a case could be resolved without a conviction, and those are things that have to be negotiated with the prosecutor. A local attorney would be aware of these options. Additionally, a DC attorney could use their existing professional relationships to negotiate with the prosecutors and judges and attempt to obtain these alternative sentencing options for the defendant. To learn more about the benefits of a DC shoplifting attorney, schedule a case consultation today.