How a DC Robbery Attorney Could Help

Robbery is different than theft because it entails the use of force, violence, or threatening an individual with violent behavior. Alternatively, theft simply involves taking someone else’s property; there does not need to be any force or violence involved. Because robbery is more severe than theft, it elevates it to a more significant offense. How a DC robbery attorney could help you is by guiding you through the legal system.

Hiring a Local Legal Professional

A person should consider hiring a local attorney when charged with robbery because they are familiar with the applicable legal system and laws. The specific definition of robbery varies depending on the jurisdiction. Therefore, while it is generally similar, the elements of robbery in DC are distinct from those in Maryland, Virginia, or other jurisdictions. Not only is the actual criminal statute different, but there is significant variance between the court process and other rules about how the case may proceed.

An individual needs a lawyer who is familiar with all of the local laws and rules of the courthouse. Additionally, an attorney has working relationships and experience with the local prosecutors and judges. There is great variance in how prosecutors and judges approach cases, so a local legal professional who has familiarity with these parties may be able to utilize their background knowledge to most effectively represent the defendant’s interests.

When to Take a Plea Agreement

A legal professional may encourage a person charged with robbery to take a plea deal if there is some incentive for this individual or if it may eliminate the risks of taking the case to trial. For instance, if there is a significant likelihood that a defendant may be convicted at trial, and there is a plea offer for less serious charges, an attorney may encourage them to take the deal. A DC robbery attorney could a defendant determine if they should accept a plea offer.

Negotiating Down a Charge

A DC robbery defense attorney could help by negotiating a robbery charge down depending on the facts of the case. If the person has no criminal record and no history of contact with the court system, is employed, is in school, or active in their community, those are all positive factors that a defense attorney may be able to argue in favor of the defendant.

If there was no injury, the force used to commit the robbery was minimal, and the alleged victim is not severely injured, these factors could come into play in a plea negotiation. A defense attorney’s job is to highlight the weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case that may come up at trial and to draw attention to all of the positive attributes of the defendant.

When to Contact an Attorney

An individual should contact a criminal attorney immediately if law enforcement charges them with robbery. The sooner a lawyer can get involved in a case, the more opportunities they may have to investigate, gather evidence, strategize a defense, issue subpoenas, and talk to witnesses.

A person should never talk to law enforcement without first consulting with an attorney. There is no reason for anyone to cooperate or volunteer to assist police in that investigation.

During an initial consultation, a lawyer may want to see any paperwork they receive from the police or the court. Additionally, they may want to know the basics of what happened, such as the date, time, location, the allegations against them, who the alleged victim is, what property or what items were allegedly stolen, and any witnesses who may have seen the incident. From there, the attorney may be able to determine if there are additional leads to look into.

Retain a DC Lawyer for Help with Robbery Charges

Retaining legal counsel can be crucial to the success of a case. If you are facing allegations of robbery, you should seek the services of an attorney. To learn how a DC robbery attorney could help you, call today.