DC Student Drug Offense Lawyer

While it is not uncommon for college students to find themselves in trouble, certain actions could follow them for the rest of their lives. In fact, narcotics-related crimes could potentially end a person’s student career and might act as a significant obstacle in their future employment and personal livelihood.

Speaking with a DC student drug offense lawyer may be crucial to help you fight back against any criminal allegations. A committed attorney could provide the legal support and guidance you need through each step of the ensuing process during this critical time.

How Do Controlled Substance-Related Charges Arise on College Campuses?

Controlled substance-related charges arise on college campuses in a few different ways. Usually, if a student is using drugs or in possession of an illicit substance on campus, it will be discovered. Using these substances, especially smoking marijuana, has a distinctive odor that is often noticeable to people who are nearby or in the area. If the students are taking part in such activities in a residential building, other residents or university officials are likely to notice.

Other times, there may be some noise or other reason that could lead to a search. Depending on the circumstances, the controlled substance may be apparent when security or university officials enter a room and observe it. If a student’s room or property is searched, a controlled substance could be found. These are the most common circumstances in which controlled substance charges are found on college campuses.

Common Substance-Related Charges Seen on Campuses

The most common drug-related charge seen on campuses would be simple possession of a controlled substance. Possession could mean that the narcotic was in the student’s hand, their pocket, their clothing, or their bag. It could also mean that it was found in their room. Barring any evidence to indicate that they did not know about it and somebody else put it there, it is likely going to be considered possession of a controlled substance if it is found in their dorm room or in their living quarters.

As mentioned above, marijuana is the most common substance seen on campuses, especially since it is currently legal to possess a certain amount. However, many campuses still have a code of conduct that prohibits the use or possession of marijuana. Possession of other substances includes cocaine, ecstasy, prescription pills like Adderall and other ADD medicine, and some pain medicines. Such substances are becoming more popular among the general population, students, and young people.

Besides possession, another common type of offense would be distribution or selling narcotics for dealers. Colleges are a place with a lot of potential customers and it is not uncommon for some students to see an opportunity to sell controlled substances to their peers—or to anyone else who wishes to buy it. Unfortunately, it is a fertile environment for such behavior and involves providing controlled substances to someone else for money. This exchange is a very serious drug offense in the eyes of almost every university, meaning the counsel of a DC lawyer might be essential for any student accused of this offense.

Consequences of Being Charged

The potential penalties of being charged or found responsible for a substance-related charge on campus depend on the substance, the amount of the substance, the circumstances, and the nature of the offense. While possession of marijuana, for example, is legal in the District, it is still criminalized by federal law. Consequently, many universities still prohibit it on university campuses under the code of conduct.

For a student found in possession of a small amount of marijuana, the penalties may be less severe if they did not have any noise complaints, disorderly conducts, disruptions, or other offenses. Under these circumstances, an individual may simply get a warning. However, they may also be placed on probation, which could include the loss of access to campus housing. Overall, however, the penalties are likely not going to be catastrophic than many other illicit substances offenses—especially if it is the first offense.

If a student is found selling a controlled substance on campus, while on probation, or after having previously committed an offense, they might face more significant penalties. This is because schools have a much stricter approach to controlled substance violations than they do to alcohol violations. In those circumstances, a student could be kicked out of campus housing, suspended from school, or may even be expelled.

Contact a DC Student Drug Offense Attorney

After students have been found responsible for a narcotics-related offense, a skilled legal professional could help in a few different ways. For example, they could help a student who wishes to appeal the finding of their case by determining whether they have a case to do so, helping file the appeal, and arguing the appeal. A tenacious attorney could also help explore if there are opportunities for students to assist investigators.

Whether it is related to their own case or related to other potential offenses on campus, a student may have information that could be of value to investigators. If a student wants, they may be able to benefit from cooperating. Such benefits may include a reduction of the penalty or the charges, or maybe even dismissal of the charges on the record. If a student was found responsible and is facing suspension, expulsion, or other severe consequences, their attorney could help with this process. Experienced legal professionals could also help determine what a student needs and how best to go about achieving their goals. They could be a great help in the actual application process for a new university.

If you are facing allegations relating to ilicit substances in school, speaking with a DC student drug offense lawyer could be crucial. Being accused of these offenses could be devastating for students, with a conviction potentially leaving a mark on a person’s record which could follow them throughout their professional career and may impede various opportunities they could have. Begin building your defense today by hiring an intelligent defense attorney.