DC Sexual Abuse Lawyer

First degree sexual abuse is the most serious sexual abuse offense. In D.C., first degree sexual abuse is defined as a person engaging in a sexual act by using force against the person; by threatening or putting the other person in reasonable fear that they will be subjected to death, serious injury, or kidnapping; after rendering the other person unconscious; or if the suspect has administered some kind of drug or intoxicant to the other person without their knowledge or consent (or by force or threat of force) so that they don’t have the ability to withhold consent.

If you have been accused of this degree of sexual abuse you are facing serious penalties and should consult with a DC sex abuse lawyer as soon as possible. A sex crimes lawyer in DC can advise you through the various steps of the legal process and help you build the strongest defense possible for your specific charges. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.

First Degree Sexual Abuse

First-degree sexual abuse involves forcing someone into a sexual act or rendering the person unconscious and then performing a sexual act with him or her. A sexual act is defined in D.C. as any penetration whatsoever of an anus or vulva by a penis, contact between the mouth and penis, mouth and vulva, or mouth and anus. This could also involve any kind of penetration of the anus or vulva by a hand, finger, or any other object—if the intent is to abuse, humiliate, degrade, arouse, or gratify sexual desire. If a weapon was used, then this would constitute first-degree sexual abuse while armed and should result in contact with a DC sex abuse attorney.

Common First Degree Sex Abuse Allegations

The classic scenario would involve someone who is a stranger and sexually attacked someone else—whether it’d be in a parking lot or a home invasion or something else. That would be the classic rape scenario that sex abuse lawyers in DC see.

Most often, the first-degree sexual abuse cases attorneys handle will be an allegation of forceful sexual contact—whether it’d be using a weapon or not, in a car or outside, or in someone’s home. In all of those situations, the government will typically charge as high of a felony as they can. If there is an indication that force was used or a threat was made to coerce the other person into a sexual act, then the government will certainly seek to bring first-degree charges.

Consulting With a DC First Degree Sex Abuse Lawyer

Due to the serious nature of this offense, it is important that you consult with experienced legal representation as soon as possible so they may begin compiling the facts to build a defense. To learn more about what a first-degree sex abuse lawyer can do for you call and schedule a consultation today.