DC Gun Law Misconceptions

Guns are not as prevalent as they were in the past in DC, but gun offenses are still taken very seriously. DC was known for some time as a prevalent location for guns and violent offenses, and thankfully that is no longer the case. However, while guns are still somewhat seen, they are not necessarily seen in violent cases. Most violent offenses do not involve a weapon. Most crimes, even if they involve violence like most assaults,  do not involve a true weapon. They involve someone’s hands or whatever happens to be lying nearby that might be used solely in the moment as a weapon.

Possessing a Firearm in DC

The number one misconception a person can have about gun laws in DC is that if someone can legally possess their firearm in their state of residence, they can do so in DC. A person driving from another jurisdiction into DC might be pulled over for a red light infraction or try to park their car near the Capitol. The police officer may ask the person if they have any firearms. They might admit that they do have a gun with them not really realizing that they just admitted to a felony. If they have a pistol, they are going to spend several nights in jail.

Clearly, the person had a misunderstanding that no matter how legal they are elsewhere, even if they have a concealed carry permit that is lawful in other jurisdictions and is recognized by numerous jurisdictions, it is not going to be recognized by DC.

Buying a Gun

If a resident of DC wants to buy a gun, they cannot do so at a DC gun dealer, because there are none, which is a common gun misconception about DC. The number one thing an individual should do is consult with an attorney and/or the Metropolitan Police Department before purchasing a gun to determine the correct way to be sure they can lawfully have that gun in DC. Otherwise, they are going to risk the chance of lawfully buying the gun but then not lawfully having it in DC.

In general, anyone considering anything about a firearm in DC needs to know the law. The best resource is an experienced DC attorney handling gun cases. Someone considering the purchase of a gun should not do anything until taking the appropriate steps with the police to make sure that the gun is registered properly and lawfully even before bringing it in DC.

Seriousness of Gun Laws

There are still guns in DC and there probably always will be because of Virginia being a liberal gun state. Cross the river, however, and there will be a very strict gun law jurisdiction in DC.

It is easy for someone to go get a gun if they want one. Because of that, there are going to be guns in DC, but with the strict enforcement, people are becoming more aware that no one can legally have a gun here unless it is registered.

Working with an Attorney

The first thing someone involved in a gun law offense in DC should do is seek counsel immediately, preferably before making any statements to the police. As early as possible, if involved in any kind offense, they should seek the advice of an experienced lawyer because there are critical decisions to be made right at the beginning of law enforcement involvement. Should the person be speaking to law enforcement? If so, what should be said? What can happen with regard to rights? Is the person waiving their rights through their actions and words by dealing with law enforcement?

After securing the advice of a DC gun attorney, the person should make sure that all information is identified to share with the attorney. There might be evidence that could be used against the individual or used to help them. The attorney needs to know about the evidence, any accusations against the client, and what evidence can help rebut these accusations to defend the client against those accusations.