Ammunition Regulations for Guns in DC

If a person wants to have ammunition in DC, there are certain regulations they need to be aware of. They must already have a registered firearm with the Metropolitan Police Department. They must purchase the ammunition outside of DC if they are going to do so at a gun store or other location. Once a person has registered a firearm with the Metropolitan Police Department, then they can legally possess ammunition in DC.

A person who owns a firearm should be aware that certain types of ammunition are prohibited even for registered gun owners. Therefore, they should make sure that they have a valid and current gun registry certificate so they can have that ammunition legally in DC. If a person has any confusions on the regulations for possessing ammunition for firearms in DC or faces any consequences from a violation, it is important to for them to retain the help of an experienced gun attorney.

Restricted Ammunition

There are certain types of ammunition that a person absolutely cannot have in DC, even if they have a registered firearm in DC. There is simply no way to have certain types lawfully in DC. With a restricted pistol bullet, for example, the core of the projectile or the core of the bullet is entirely made with tungsten, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium, copper or depleted uranium, it is a dangerous bullet and cannot be lawfully possessed in DC.

Ammunition for a 50-caliber Browning machine gun rifle is specifically outlawed in DC. If a person has a fully-jacketed projectile, a bullet that is bigger than a 22 that is intended to be in a pistol and the jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of projectile, they cannot possess that ammunition.

There are specific types of bullets but they are pretty unique and dangerous bullets. If they have that ammunition in the District of Columbia, they could specifically be charged with a crime for possession of that ammunition if they are not aware of the restrictions.

Sale of Ammunition

Prior to 2012, the DC Code stated that the only ammunition that could lawfully be possessed was ammunition of the same gauge or caliber as a firearm registered to the person. The law has since been amended to state that a person who has a registered firearm in the District of Columbia can lawfully possess ammunition in DC (unless that ammunition is specifically outlawed, like certain dangerous pistol bullets).

Because there are no firearms dealers in DC, no one lawfully sells ammunition in DC. Law enforcement cannot track ammunition sales occurring in DC. Moreover, it may be a violation of federal law for someone to track the sale of ammunition, much the way that there is no national database tracking who has purchased illegal firearms. In any kind of public fashion, there is no tracking of the sale of ammunition. Bulk purchases of ammunition in extreme quantities could raise some flags, though, if a retailer and authorities are in communication