DC Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

An issue of rising prominence in the District of Columbia is credit card fraud. As the world turns more to electronic payment options, there has been an uptick in the amount of DC fraud attempts to retrieve personal electronic banking data from others. Conversely, there has also been an increase in false allegations. A DC credit card fraud lawyer can help a person accused of credit card fraud create a tangible defense for their case in the DC courts.

Defining and Dealing with Credit Card Fraud in DC

Credit card fraud is a specific type of identity theft or fraud that involves the taking of another person’s credit card information without their consent to remove funds or charge purchases.

An individual may use either the physical card or the numbers tied to the account. Even if the card was revoked, canceled, mutilated, falsified, or altered, using it without consent can be charged as credit card fraud.

Oftentimes, an individual misrepresents that they are the true account holder when trying to use a credit card that does not actually belong to them.

It is important to contact a DC credit card fraud lawyer immediately if a person is arrested or contacted by law enforcement conducting an investigation to be sure that he or she is making correct decisions from the very beginning. Ultimately, these decisions have an impact on the outcome of the entire case. Being convicted of credit card fraud carries various consequences, including very serious criminal penalties. It can also have ramifications outside of court regarding a person’s ability to keep or find a job, obtain credit, and acquire property.

What is Skimming?

Skimming is a method where an individual unlawfully obtains another person’s credit card information through the use of certain technology. For example, skimming could be as simple as photocopying someone’s receipt at a store or restaurant. It could be a more advanced or complicated technology through the use of certain devices that scan and store credit card information from the magnetic strip when the card is run through the device.

Skimming generally occurs at places that allow charging a credit card for purchases such as restaurants, stores, and gas stations. The skimming methods are used to illegally obtain numerous individuals’ credit card information in one setting, those credit card fraud charges can become severe very quickly depending upon the number of credit cards defrauded.

Theft, conspiracy, and other crimes can be added to the credit card fraud charge when someone uses a scheme to utilize skimming to obtain the credit card information.

Common Misconceptions About Credit Card Fraud

Sometimes people assume that credit card fraud is not a serious crime because the person didn’t use violence to obtain the credit card. They may have found or physically stole someone’s card. Because they did not break into someone’s home or rob a person, they think it is not a serious crime. However, a charge of credit card fraud is most often a felony charge with severe consequences. It could be very difficult to have this removed from a person’s record.

Credit card fraud is taken very seriously by law enforcement in DC. It is often considered to be a white collar crime, particularly if there is a vast conspiracy to obtain credit card information and use it.

Officers spend a great deal of time with prosecutors building a case against a suspect to ensure that steep penalties are obtained.

Role of a DC Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Under the DC Code, the maximum penalty for credit card fraud is a fine of up to $25,000 and a term in prison for up to 10 years. If the value sought or obtained is $250 or more, the charge is a felony. If the value is less than $250, an individual could be charged with a misdemeanor where the maximum penalty is 180 days in jail and/or a $1,000.00 fine.

A DC credit card lawyer can assist a person in determining which witnesses to locate and obtain statements from, what evidence to present, how to challenge the government’s evidence, and what legal arguments to make. The DC fraud attorney can explain the benefits of attempting to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor or going to trial. He or she can explore all the possible defenses and gather all of the evidence to identify a very reasoned determination of the best strategy to defend a person in that case.