DC Federal Sex Crimes Prosecutors

For those who have been charged or even accused of committing a federal sex crime, it is important to keep in mind that federal prosecutors have a lot of resources at their disposal and a lot of money to aggressively combat these types of crimes. Typically, before the prosecutor even sees the case, it is likely that an extensive investigation has already been completed by law enforcement, with very little investigation needed to be done by the prosecutor. Additionally, these prosecutors tend to be skilled trial attorneys who have handled serious crimes, including sex crimes, for many years. As a result, the best way to overcome this uphill battle is to hire an experienced DC federal sex crimes defense attorney who has dealt with these prosecutors before and is familiar with how these cases are prosecuted.

Difference Between Federal and Local Prosecutors

Prosecution at the federal level is different from the prosecution in DC Superior Court because the charges are very different. In DC Superior Court, charges usually stem from sexual abuse or assaults that occurred in the District of Columbia. In the federal court, charges usually stem from soliciting a minor or  possessing or distributing child pornography. The prosecutors in federal court are generally more experienced – having already handled sex crimes in DC Superior Court. It is also typical that the federal cases are investigated more thoroughly by law enforcement. A lot of resources are being utilized to prevent child pornography, for example, so law enforcement is proactively investigating these cases and sometimes even coordinating sting operations.

In addition, Federal sex crimes are cases that are always handled by experienced prosecutors who have typically been working with the Department of Justice for many years. They have experience at both the state level and the federal level with sex offenses, and are sometimes assigned to this unit because they are specifically interested or skilled in prosecuting sex crimes. Knowing that the government will have experienced prosecutors on its side makes it all the more important for you to hire a seasoned federal defense attorney to fight your charges.

Tactics Prosecutors May Use

If a sex crime case gets in front of a jury, it is common for a prosecutor to try and gain sympathy for the alleged victim. A prosecutor may do this by going into detail about the harms or injuries the victim suffered and how the victim is still being impacted. This will take the focus away from proving that the accused committed the alleged crime in the hopes that the jury will want to find someone accountable for what happened to the complaining witness.

Are Prosecutors Required to Give The Defense All Their Evidence?

The prosecutors are required to give your attorney all the evidence they intend to use at trial before the trial. They are also required to give you evidence that tends to show that you are not guilty of what they are accusing you of. This is called exculpatory evidence and this too must also be given to your attorney before your trial.

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