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Sex crime allegations can destroy personal relationships, crush professional careers, and deprive an individual of their dignity. It is important to ensure due process is adhered to when navigating through the court process in federal sex crimes. A DC federal sex crimes lawyer can assist an individual charged with these heinous crimes by conducting an investigation and presenting evidence to mitigate the allegations and minimize the negative implications of the charges in a person’s daily life. While understanding the courtroom process is imperative, it is equally important to know what an individual has been charged with and how it will affect their future. To discuss your case and the steps that can be taken, call and schedule a consultation with a federal lawyer in DC today.

Various Federal Sex Crimes in DC

There are many different sex crimes that can be charged on a federal level. These crimes vary from violent and physical crimes to crimes based on electronic forms of communication. Determining the classification of sex crime allegations against a person and the level of severity to which those charges exist can be explained by a DC federal sex crimes attorney.

Human Trafficking in the District of Columbia

Human trafficking involves the transportation of persons through force, fraud, or coercion for exploitation purposes. The most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, and it is considered the modern-day slavery. Generally, traffickers are extremely organized, buying women and young girls, and locking them in rooms or brothels for an extended period of time for prostitution purposes. While the penalty of a human trafficking charge depends on your level of involvement, you may face up to 20 years imprisonment.

DC Sex Tourism Charges

Sex tourism involves an individual vacationing in another country in order to take advantage of such country’s lack of restrictions on prostitution and other sexual activities.  Although prostitution may be legal in the country, sex with a minor, child pornography, and human trafficking, will always be considered illegal. If you were to engage in such activities while in a foreign country, upon your return to the United States, you may be prosecuted under US law and face up to 30 years imprisonment.

Child Pornography in DC

It is illegal to produce, distribute, sell, or have in your possession, any image of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor. Today’s child pornography laws are growing to encompass the use of the Internet and other computer technology to access and share child sexual abuse images.  For a first time offender of this charge in regards to possession, there is not a mandatory minimum incarceration penalty. However, an individual charged with producing child pornography, will face a statutory minimum of 15 years.

Child Enticement

Child enticement involves an individual persuading or coercing a minor, through any electronic means, to engage in a sexual act. If charged, there is a mandatory minimum of 10 years’ incarceration. Additionally, it is a crime to travel for the purpose of having sex with a minor. If charged, there is not a mandatory minimum incarceration penalty, but you may face up to 20 years making it imperative a DC federal sex crimes lawyer is contacted as soon as possible.

Federal Sex Crimes vs. State Sex Crimes

The majority of sex crimes are prosecuted on the state level. However, the federal government may get involved when the sex crime involves a minor, or involves interstate activity, or when the sex crime is extremely violent or sadistic in nature. The trial process will be a little different than at the state level.

The federal government is particularly interested in investigating and charging individuals when the sex crime involves a minor, or is extremely violent or results in death. Because these types of sex crimes are so serious, experienced federal prosecutors will want to ensure that the individual charged will face the most severe penalties, including significant prison time and mandatory sex offender registration.

National Sex Offender Registry

The National Sex Offender Public Website is the only federal website that links all state registries. Through this website, which was first established in 2006 through the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, employers and parents can use the search tool to locate sex offenders who are working, residing, and attending school in their neighborhoods.

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