Our Approach to Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Charges in DC

One of the most important decisions you can make after being charged with federal mail and wire fraud in DC is who to hire for legal representation. With this in mind, the following is how the DC federal mail and wire fraud lawyers at our firm approach these types of cases, and what you can expect while a defense is being built. To learn more, call and schedule a consultation today.

As a Criminal Lawyer, What Do You Look For When Building a Defense?

At my firm, we employ our own staff of investigators and in mail and wire fraud cases we are going to want to see what information the government is relying upon and what information is actually out there that could combat the government’s theory to the fraudulent activity. We want to prepare our defense against the government’s allegations that our client knowingly intended to defraud someone else and participated in a scheme to do so.

For example, the government may collect some emails or some other documents that are not in context and say, “Hey, this proves our allegations that this individual engaged in fraudulent activity.” Whereas through our own investigations we can show that it wasn’t actually fraudulent activity but simply just a small piece of something entirely different that was viewed and presented in the wrong context.

If that is the situation, we obviously are going to want to get that information as quickly and correctly as possible. That is why we definitely do our own investigations to make sure that we are looking for all of the important information with regards to the case and particularly anything that can help us defend against the charges.

Is The Government Required To Give You All Their Information?

The government is not required to give the defense all their information. The government has discovery obligations, however these do not happen at the very beginning of the case. So while the government will have to turn over everything to the defense eventually they do not have to do it right at the beginning. Often, if the government is trying to reach a resolution short of a trial they will have an incentive to want to share more information rather than less.

Although, we are not going to just rely on what the government gives us. Rather, once we find out what is the target information the government is looking at, then we are going to know where to put our focus on in our investigation of getting documents, getting witnesses, and getting any kind of information we can to defend against those charges.