Booking Process in DC Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Cases

If arrested and taken into custody on federal mail and wire fraud charges, the following is what you can expect according to a DC federal mail and wire fraud lawyer. For more information or to begin building a defense, call and schedule a consultation today.

What Happens After You Are Taken to The Station

The process for arresting and booking is that you will be taken to a police station and you are going to have to go through the process of literally being fingerprinted, although nowadays usually it is digital as opposed to the ink pads that you always see in movies. You will be fingerprinted, you will be photographed, have all of your personal identification information put into the system such as your driver’s license number, your address, date of birth, social security number. All that information and any kind of aliases that they might know that you use.

All of that is going to be entered into the system and then once that arrest has occurred you are going to be taken over to the court to be processed for your initial appearance, where they can then decide if they are going to continue to hold you in custody or if you are going to be released under one or more conditions of release.

Cooperating With Police When Taken Into Custody

Any time someone is being arrested they should be aware that the government and law enforcement agencies have every intent to try to get the person to admit to their criminal conduct. The government thinks that the suspect has done something illegal and they are going to have to prove it. So if the person who is arrested admits to anything that the government would otherwise have to prove, that makes it just that much easier on the government. So you can expect that if you are being arrested by a law enforcement agent, such as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, if you don’t already have a lawyer and don’t immediately ask to speak to a lawyer that the agent is going to try to get you into conversations and convince you that, “Hey, it will be better for you. This may go easier on you if you cooperate with us, if you kind of walk us through what happened and admit to what you did.” That is not the always the case.

In fact, it is very likely not to be better for you if you admit to anything and make their case easier for them to prove. So anyone should be aware that when they are being arrested the government has every incentive to try to get them to talk as much as possible.