What To Expect From a Federal Drug Case in DC

If you have been accused of committing a federal drug offense, the following is what you can expect according to a Federal drug attorney in DC. This includes what evidence will likely be presented and how an attorney will go about building a defense for your charges. To learn more about what you can expect in and out of court call and schedule a free consultation today.

How Federal Drug Cases Are Treated in DC

Federal drug cases are treated pretty harshly. The prosecution will make sure that they use every resource they can to secure a conviction and judges are not afraid to give harsh penalties particularly to repeat offenders making federal drug cases about as serious as it gets. There is a saying you have probably heard, “don’t make a federal case out of it” which means someone is overreacting to an argument or accusation.  The reason that saying exists is because federal cases are extremely serious with severe consequences.  You can expect to have a judge ready and willing to give a very harsh sentence for a federal drug conviction.

Evidence in Federal Drug Cases

Many times, they’ll have photographic or video surveillance evidence. There will be evidence in the form of live witnesses to establish certain relationships or to establish certain events. Often, those will be law enforcement officers. On a federal case, you can expect that law enforcement has been involved in extensive surveillance so you can also expect to see records, bank records, phone records, things of that nature.

Developing a Defense Strategy

Every case is different but, in general, I will always look to see what the scope of evidence is and what the government believes my client did as opposed to what they can prove my client did. I will look at every possible avenue of establishing weaknesses in the government’s case.

Finding a Federal Drug Attorney Who Practices in Federal Court

Federal court is vastly different than Superior Court. It’s critically important that when you hire an attorney for your defense, you hire an attorney who has experience with your specific type of case in the specific court where it’s going to be prosecuted.  In other words, there are many very good attorneys but those attorneys may not practice in DC Federal court and may not practice in the defense of drug cases.

A Federal Drug Lawyer Can Help

I do have many years of experience in handling prosecutions of drug cases. I do practice exclusively in the District of Columbia in Federal and Superior Court. I handle, at any given time, several drug cases so I’ve come to know many of the players involved: the prosecutors, the detectives, and the judges. Therefore, I’m intimately familiar with the process of handling the defense of a drug crime.

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