Federal Drug Investigations in DC

Even if you have not yet been charged with a federal drug offense, being the subject of a federal drug investigation can be daunting. If you believe you are being investigated for a drug crime by the federal government, or if federal agents want to speak to you about drug-related activity, contact a DC federal drug lawyer immediately.

In a federal drug case, you can expect to see either the DEA or the FBI involved with the cooperation of local law enforcement. Typically, they have drug task forces that they use to investigate these large drug enterprises. So, what you’ll see is the use of wire taps. They will also use subpoenas to get phone records, bank records, and other evidence they can obtain to show what the conspiracy scheme was.  Typically, a federal drug case involves lots of resources before anyone is ever charged.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Being Investigated

The number one mistake people make is to sit down and talk to law enforcement before they’ve talked to a criminal defense attorney. Making admissions to one or more criminal acts, talking about their role in the alleged conspiracy, making all kinds of statements to the police that the police are then going to turn over to the prosecutors and will always use against the defendant, that’s the number one mistake. Typically speaking, individuals wait too long before contacting defense counsel. If you’re ever investigated or arrested for any offense, don’t make any statements and call an attorney.

Hiring a Drug Lawyer in DC For Federal Charges

Due to the severity of federal drug charges, it is important you consult with experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to discuss your case. A federal drug lawyer can look at the facts and circumstances and develop the strongest defense possible. Call today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney and learn what experienced legal representation can do for you.

Constitutional Issues in Drug Cases

The government very often will have obtained a search warrant. Whether it be a physical search of an individual’s car or house or a storage unit. But very often federal drug cases involve the use of wiretaps. For instance, the government has tapped one or more individuals’ phones and then has listened in and recorded the conversations. They will then try to use those recordings against one or more defendants. They have to properly secure those warrants to take those actions. It’s critical to closely examine the basis that law enforcement puts forth to obtain those warrants and to challenge them. If they don’t have sufficient cause to seek and obtain those warrants then a successful defense strategy can be to get that information excluded. The same applies to any alleged statements made by a defendant. Even though the doctrine under Miranda has been beaten down over the decades, it still exists. The police still have to follow the correct procedures. It’s important to closely examine exactly how the government obtained the evidence they have and whether they followed constitutionally mandated procedures in acquiring that evidence.

DC Federal Drug Attorney