DC Federal Conspiracy Lawyer

If you have been accused or investigated for any type of conspiracy it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced DC Federal conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible. In addition to being one of the most frequently charged Federal offenses, Federal conspiracy is considered a very serious crime and therefore often carries severe penalties for those convicted.

Defined as an agreement between two or more people to defraud the federal government or violate a federal law, conspiracy on a federal scale can carry five years of jail time on its own or more when compounded with other charges. Call today to schedule a consultation with a Federal criminal lawyer in DC to discuss your case.

Federal Conspiracy Charges

When you work with a DC federal conspiracy attorney, one of the first things that you’ll do is review the charges against you.  Because they can span a number of different types of possible offenses, it will be necessary for you and your defense lawyer to determine exactly which federal statutes apply to your case.

Under federal law, there are dozens of statutes that outline penalties for specific types of conspiracies depending on what crime the conspirators were trying, or “conspiring”, to commit. Therefore, the penalties can vary depending on what the criminal activity is alleged to be, although nearly every federal crime carries substantial fines and potential prison time.

Additionally, in these cases, the court will examine numerous facts about the case and about the defendant which can increase or enhance the penalties that are associated with the conviction. Some examples of things that could enhance penalties include:

  • The number of people involved
  • The particular defendant’s role
  • Whether they were a major or minor player
  • Amount of money or drugs involved

In the vast majority of federal conspiracy cases, large sums of money and/or drugs are involved, and in some cases, even physical violence. Each of these can directly impact the type of sentence the defendant is faced with in a conspiracy case. To learn more about how the specifics of your case apply to federal sentencing trends and guidelines, speak with a DC federal conspiracy attorney as soon as possible.

Building a Defense for Federal Conspiracy in DC

There are an array of different defenses a DC federal conspiracy lawyer may employ to fight conspiracy charges on a federal level. One way is to attack the government’s theory that multiple people were engaged in the plot or scheme, and that these people had an agreement and intent to violate a federal law or defraud the government.

The government has to prove that the defendant was involved in an agreement with the other co-conspirators, not just that they knew or were aware of them. So, just because two people are friends or acquaintances does not mean that both are guilty of conspiracy if one conspires to commit a crime.

Another defensive strategy a DC federal conspiracy attorney can provide is attacking the evidence the government has that links a defendant to the alleged conspiracy. It’s not enough just to show that a group of people had an agreement, as the government will have to prove that the alleged conspirators had an agreement to actually violate a federal law. This is another type of defense that can be raised in federal conspiracy cases. To discuss another potential defense contact a federal conspiracy attorney in DC.

Consult With a Federal Conspiracy Lawyer in DC Today

If you are facing federal conspiracy charges in Washington, DC it is important that you seek experienced legal representation to protect your rights as soon as possible. By contacting a DC federal conspiracy attorney, you are taking the first step towards building the strongest possible defense for your case. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what you can do to help your case.

DC Federal Conspiracy Lawyer