DC DUI Fake ID Lawyer

Though having a DUI conviction as a minor can significantly impact any young person, being accused of possessing a fake ID in addition to driving under the influence can have consequences that last for years. In the eyes of the law, it is illegal for someone to use false identification to purchase and consume alcohol.

Regardless of why a person may possess a fake driver’s license, if Washington, DC police catch you using one, you would be well-suited to seek legal counsel from an experienced DC DUI fake ID lawyer who has defended many youths against charges of using a fake ID and DUI.

Everywhere in the U.S., including in the District of Columbia, the legal drinking age is 21. DC has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking, and you can be charged with DUI if you have any measurable amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. No one under that age can consume or purchase alcohol anywhere in the country.

Additionally, the DC Council has made it illegal for those under 21 to use fake identification to purchase alcohol at a liquor store, restaurant, or bar. Individuals who are found guilty of underage drinking in Washington, DC will lose their driver’s license and be saddled with a criminal record, which can cause serious problems for the offender when it comes to their education and budding professional career.

If you are a minor or college student facing DUI and/or fake ID charges, or if your child has just been arrested for any of these offenses, contact a DC DUI defense attorney to start putting together a strong defense.

Fake ID Charges in Washington, DC

If you misrepresent your age either by word or via false identification in order to purchase alcohol at a bar or liquor store and you are arrested, you will face misdemeanor charges.

A first offense for misrepresenting your age with false documentation, e.g. someone else’s driver’s license, carries a fine of up to $300 and suspension of your driving privileges for three months. Sometimes individuals who are convicted of such charges have the option of community service diversion, which allows them to earn a dismissal of the charges. Seeking the help of a well-qualified DC fake ID lawyer can allow you to determine whether or not you qualify for a diversion program. Once hired, your DUI fake ID attorney in DC can also argue the case on your behalf to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Underage Drinking at DC Universities

There is a lot of pressure on college students to succeed, but sometimes students want to escape that pressure and recreate with their peers. When that happens, drinking is a very popular distraction, and is often a rite of passage that many students take advantage of, often to excess.  However, if you’re still a minor, even though alcohol may be easy to acquire, drinking alcoholic beverages is still illegal and serious legal penalties may await you if you are charged.

In addition to violating your particular university’s student code of conduct that prohibits underage drinking, if you’re arrested for public intoxication or DUI in DC, legal penalties and university sanctions may await you. Possible consequences of violating underage drinking policies vary from school to school, but could include loss of a scholarship, ineligibility to participate in athletics, suspension, or even expulsion. To view Georgetown’s code of conduct, click here. For a copy of the American University Student Conduct Code 2012-2013, please click here.

A DC DUI Fake ID Attorney Can Fight for You

Our skilled DC criminal defense attorney can help you to put your mistakes behind you. He will thoroughly outline your options during your free initial consultation and share his suggestions for the best way to defend you against the charges you face. Having an experienced DC DUI fake ID lawyer on your side can help to keep your criminal record clean by avoiding a conviction for possessing false identification.