DC DUI Suspended License

When charged with DUI, additional administrative penalties accompany the criminal consequences related to this allegation. After you are arrested for DUI, DWI, or OWI, the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will notify you of a proposed revocation of your license. Failure to schedule a hearing to challenge the revocation will result in loss of your driving privileges.

Furthermore, the DMV may revoke your license at a scheduled hearing, even if you have not been convicted of the offense in court. If you have been charged with DUI in DC and are facing the possibility of a suspended license, a DC DUI attorney has the experience and tenacity that you will require in mounting a vigorous defense.

DUI Charges

Many people charged with DUI and related charges in DC are not licensed in DC, but in their home state. Someone’s privilege to drive in DC may still be suspended. If someone’s privilege to drive is suspended, or revoked, they must attend a hearing before the DMV in order to reinstate their driver’s license. This revocation remains in effect until they appear before the DMV. If this is their first impaired driving offense, the minimum license revocation period after their DMV hearing is six months.

If someone has a DUI conviction from any state on their record over the past 15 years, their license could be suspended for up to one year. If they have two convictions over a 15-year period prior to their DMV hearing, they risk losing their license for two years. A skilled attorney with experience handling DC DUI suspended license cases can help guide them through the process of an administrative hearing while working to minimize any negative impact a DUI charge can have on their driving privileges.

License Suspension Process

Either upon someone’s arrest, or shortly thereafter, they can expect to receive a notice to appear before DC’s DMV. They must act quickly in order to avoid a non-response which would then trigger the immediate suspension of their driving privileges. Someone’s DUI defense attorney can help them schedule their DMV hearing and appear on their behalf at the adjudication services in DC. Immediately retaining the services of an experienced DUI lawyer is important for dealing with the DMV and any criminal court proceedings. It also demonstrates to authorities that they are dealing with this matter responsibly.

After the DMV receives their hearing request, their license suspension is placed on hold until the hearing takes place, which is typically within a month or so of their arrest. At their DMV hearing, their lawyer will attempt to show just cause as to why they should keep their driving privileges. The hearing examiner can question them, the arresting officer, and any witnesses they or the prosecution might produce. Their attorney will also be able to cross-examine all prosecution witnesses and law officials who give testimony.

In addition to defending someone’s driving privileges, a seasoned DUI defense lawyer can use this administrative hearing to make a dry run of their client’s criminal defense and also measure the strength of the prosecution’s case. At the end of the hearing, the examiner will rule whether or not to revoke or suspend their license based on testimony, the circumstances surrounding their charges, and any other evidence presented at the hearing. If their license is suspended, they do have the right to appeal. Their attorney will know how to handle this process as well.

Out-of-State Licenses

If someone has an out-of-state driver’s license, they are not immune to the DC DMV as they are likely to notify the state in which their license is issued of their DC charge. If someone’s home state takes action, it will most likely notify them at the address listed on their license. Regardless of whether they receive a notice from their home state, someone can face arrest for driving with a suspended license.

Working with an Attorney

If you have been charged with a DUI, DWI, or OWI, protecting your driving privileges is essential. Hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney will help you navigate the complicated systems of the DMV as well as DC’s criminal courts.

A skilled DUI defense attorney can make the DMV’s administrative process less burdensome by vigorously defending your rights and reputation in criminal proceedings.

DC DUI Suspended License