DUI Classes in DC

There are various DUI programs available in DC, each fulfilling a different requirement that prosecutors and judges might seek from a defendant in a DUI case. A Washington, DC DUI lawyer can help you through the process of a DUI case, including preparing you for enrollment in a DUI program. For more information on these classes or other potential penalties stemming from a DUI, call and schedule a consultation today.

Traffic Safety Program

A traffic safety program is a defensive driving program. In DC, drivers are allowed to take these courses online. It takes several hours for a fairly minimal fee, between $30 and $40. This is a class that you take if you want to remove points from your driver’s record.

If you have racked up a couple of speeding tickets and you would like to reduce the likelihood of a license suspension, this is one of the programs you can complete. This is also one of the programs that the courts will require a defendant in a DUI case to complete upon conviction.

Victim Impact Panel

Another type of program is a victim impact panel, which is a Mothers Against Drunk Driving presentation. This one-time presentation usually takes between an hour to an hour and a half and requires a nominal fee. There, you will watch a presentation about how drunk driving has greatly impacted the life of another individual or family.

Traffic Alcohol Program

traffic alcohol program is a DUI program available in Washington, DC. There are different versions of it, but it is usually a 12-week course with a typical minimum of 12 hours. This type of course is basically substance abuse counseling.

Is DUI School Mandatory in DC?

The traffic alcohol program, the traffic safety program and the victim impact panel discussed above are almost universally imposed on defendants convicted of DUI in DC. In that sense, DUI school is mandatory because if the court orders you to complete one or more of those programs, you must comply.

You can attend DUI programs without a court order. There are various private programs for traffic alcohol programs. Additionally, anyone can do the online traffic safety program or attend a victim impact panel.

In fact, attorneys often advise clients who have been charged with DUI to attend one or more of these programs while their case is pending. They will also assist them in completing these programs because this can look very good for both the prosecution and the court.

These programs can be extremely useful for minimizing the possible penalty or otherwise working out a better resolution with the prosecutor in the case. It is always a good idea to discuss enrolling in an alcohol education program while a case is still pending.

Traffic School vs. DUI Programs

Traffic school and DUI educational programs are different. One of the ramifications of a DUI arrest and/or conviction in DC is that the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will take action against a person’s driver’s license if they are a DC resident. Even if the driver has a license from another jurisdiction, the DC DMV can still limit the person’s privilege to drive.

For a driver’s license or driving privilege to be reinstated, the DC DMV will require that an individual complete a traffic alcohol program or, at the very least, undergo a screening showing that they do not need any further follow-up. If the person has multiple points on their record, they may very well need to complete some other type of “traffic school” to get their license or privilege to drive reinstated in DC.

DUI Education Programs in DC

DUI education programs are available through the city and private groups. If a defendant is a resident of the District of Columbia, they may be eligible for programs through the city free of charge. There are also many different private programs. A lot of times, the appropriate program depends on where the defendant resides and the current stage of the case.

If the individual is a DC resident and has been ordered to complete a program through the court, they are likely qualified for the free DC program. One the other hand, if the individual wants to complete a program prior to being ordered to do so, then they should look at private programs.

Online DUI Courses in DC

There are online DUI courses in DC, including the traffic safety program, the victim impact panel, and the traffic alcohol program. The traffic safety program is always completed online.

Recently, DC prosecutors have been insisting that defendants complete in-person victim impact panel presentations. If an individual simply does not have access to one because they live in a jurisdiction far from DC that does not have a victim impact panel, it may be possible to arrange to have the person complete it online.

Similarly, in-person traffic alcohol programs are typically required. In extremely rare circumstances, allowances have been made to complete these programs online. There are many different programs online, but the typical in-person, 12-week traffic alcohol program is the one that the court will likely require.