License Suspension or Revocation in DC

Below is information on license suspension and revocation in Washington, DC and how it can affect your privilege to drive. If you are facing a suspension or revocation get in touch with an DC DUI attorney today to discuss your case.

What Does it Mean to Have a Suspended or Revoked License in DC?

It depends on if you are licensed by the District of Columbia or licensed to drive by another state. If you’re licensed to drive by the District of Columbia, what it means to have a revoked license, is you lose your privilege to drive anywhere in the United States. Your home jurisdiction is DC, which governs your driving privileges.

When the DMV revokes your license, it is doing the legal equivalent of shredding it. So, you can’t drive anywhere for the revocation period. If you are a licensed DC driver, you will not be allowed to drive in either the District of Columbia or in other jurisdictions because your entire privilege to drive is revoked. However, if you are licensed elsewhere, then you can continue to drive anywhere but the District, unless the other state revokes or suspends your license.

Only the state that that gave you that drivers license has jurisdiction. So instead what DC does is it revokes your privilege to drive within the boundaries of District of Columbia and the DMV notifies that other jurisdiction that your DC driving privileges have been revoked due to an alcohol infraction.

What that state does with your license or your privilege to drive at that point is entirely up to that state. But DC DMV will bar you for driving in the District for six months, a year or two years.

What Should Someone Be Prepared For on Their Administrative Hearing Day?

The main thing that a client needs to be prepared for is the possibility of immediately losing his or her license. For example, it’s generally not a good idea to drive to the DMV for one of these hearings, because in the event that your license is revoked, you may not be able to drive your car back wherever you came from.

Some hearing examiners are willing to grant a slight delay in the revocation but some are not. And it’s going to vary from person to person, so you should be prepared to potentially lose your license on the spot.

When At the Station, What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions They Have?

Usually people want to know about various timing issues, for how long might they lose their license or how long do they have to challenge the revocation. Many also ask if there are any ways to defend against the proposed revocation. Some want to know if they can accept but delay their revocation.

The DMV takes alcohol-related driving offenses seriously and there isn’t a lot of leeway on many of the issues that people are concerned about because the process is set by statutes and municipal regulations. The DMV has little to no discretion on these issues.

For example, many people who drive for a living ask about occupational licenses or restricted permits. Unfortunately, unlike most other jurisdictions, DC does not grant a restricted permit for an alcohol-related license suspension.

Can You Still Drive In Other Jurisdictions?

Not if you’re a DC licensed driver, then no, you can’t, because your entire privilege to drive is revoked. If you are licensed elsewhere, then you can continue to drive anywhere but the District, unless the other state revokes or suspends your license.

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