DC DUI Victim Impact Panel

If convicted of driving under the influence in DC, one common condition that may be imposed as part of your punishment is attending a victim impact panel. With this in mind, the following is information on what you can expect from an impact panel and what role it is likely to play in your case. To learn more or discuss what other options you may have for diversion, contact and schedule a consultation with a DC DUI lawyer today.

Defining Panels

A victim impact panel is a presentation by Mothers Against Drunk Driving to individuals who have been charged or convicted of DUI. It is a typically a presentation in which someone explains how a drunk driver killed or seriously injured someone in their family and talks about the traumatic impact it had on their life. It is meant to be a sobering presentation to show that real consequences result from driving under the influence.

Role in DUI Cases

Victim impact panels are commonly ordered by a judge as part of the penalty if someone is convicted of DUI or an alcohol-related offense. Attorneys see that all the time in DC. Defendants will be ordered to attend a victim impact panel as part of the terms of their probation.

Impact Panel on a Case

A victim impact panel is a one-time presentation put on by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is a nonprofit organization. Typically, these presentations are around an hour and a half long. They will often be held be on the weekends or in the evenings so that people do not have to miss work to attend them.

During the presentation, defendants or other people who are involved in DUI situations will hear a family member who has been tragically impacted by a DUI situation. Commonly, the presenter is someone whose family member was killed by a drunk driver. For about an hour and a half, this person will talk about how the incident has impacted their life.

DC Panels

There are victim impact panels in DC The system is in a little bit of flux because the woman who ran the program in DC for many years passed away a couple of years ago. There was some uncertainty about whether or not that specific program was going to continue.

That said, there are other programs all throughout the area, and the probation department in DC can set up probationers with them. At the moment, if someone cannot attend a victim impact panel physically in DC, there will be one that they can complete nearby.