Role of a DC Drug Lawyer

Anyone facing a criminal charge, including a drug-related charge, needs to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The benefits are immense. Critical information and critical decisions are present at the very beginning of each case and an experienced attorney can help guide their client through those decisions and help build the defense as early as possible.

It is critical for anyone facing a criminal charge to consult with an attorney as soon as they feasibly can because waiting too long can have very negative consequences. Evidence can be lost, witnesses can leave, and video tapes can be taped over. All sorts of things can happen when there is a delay and therefore, the role of a DC drug lawyer is to ensure that all of this evidence is handled correctly and a strong defense is built.

Risks of Representing Oneself

There is a reason why judges strongly advise anyone charged with a crime to not attempt to defend themselves without the assistance of an attorney. The criminal justice system is very complex and the consequences are severe. Anyone attempting to defend themselves without the assistance of an experienced lawyer has a serious disadvantage when going up against the United States government with its vast resources and intent to secure a conviction.

Mitigating Consequences

In every criminal case, the role of a lawyer is to carefully examine the case, look for any weaknesses, and prepare a strong defense to the charges levied against their client. When it appears that a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney also has the role of attempting to secure the least possible punishment for their client.

That may be in the form of a negotiated disposition through a plea agreement where the seriousness or number of charges can be reduced or a lighter penalty can be agreed upon in advance. If a conviction is unavoidable, it is the role of a lawyer to do everything possible to convince the judge to be as lenient as they can when handing out the final sentence in the case.

Benefits of an Attorney

The most important resources for an attorney are knowledge and experience.  It is the role of a drug lawyer to know what the courts and prosecutors look favorably upon, and what facts and circumstances can make a positive difference in a case, particularly at the resolution phase. That could include any kind of drug counseling or treatment, mental health counseling, or occupational programs. The attorney knows the best way to explain prior criminal conduct or the conduct involved in the current situation.

All of this information is put to use in every criminal case to make sure that the best outcome is obtained. An individual client, particularly one who has never been involved in the criminal justice system, simply does not know what factors the court considers and most importantly, looks at favorably. It is also the role of an experienced lawyer to properly prepare their client for trial.

A lawyer, particularly one in a law firm, also has critical staff and investigative resources on hand.  A strong firm has investigators, paralegals, law clerks, file clerks, legal assistants and more to provide their clients and their cases the attention and work needed to present a robust defense.