DC Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Because of the growing trend of decriminalizing marijuana, the possession of marijuana is not pursued as vigorously by the prosecutors or looked upon as harshly by judges. There are exceptions to everything, though. An individual’s criminal history and other facts about their case can make a difference, whether positively or negatively. However, it is important to stay up to date with regulations regarding marijuana possession in DC.

An experienced DC marijuana possession attorney can help someone to stay updated. A drug attorney is essential in fighting charges for marijuana possession if someone faces consequences violating the rules in DC.

Possession Laws

When the law changed in DC decriminalizing certain amounts of personal possession, people did not pay much attention to the specifics. DC recently changed the law to decriminalize personal possession of marijuana up to two ounces or up to a certain number of plants, however, it is still illegal to sell marijuana. It is also still illegal to distribute marijuana to anyone under the age of 21, and it is still illegal to use marijuana in public. It is still unlawful to distribute marijuana for pecuniary gain.

It is illegal to have more than two ounces of marijuana, even for personal possession. However, the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana is no longer against the law in DC. It is illegal to sell marijuana or use it in any kind of public place and accusations of doing so, therefore, still warrant the attention of a marijuana possession lawyer in DC.


The emphasis on prosecuting marijuana cases may appear to have decreased because of the decriminalization of personal possession recently in DC. However, these cases are still prosecuted. People are still brought to court every day for violating drug laws including for the possession of marijuana. People need to realize that simply because the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use is decriminalized, it is not okay to be involved in the drug trade and an individual still cannot use marijuana in public. Doing any of these things can lead to criminal charges and all the associated consequences, making it important that a DC marijuana possession attorney is contacted.

Long-Term Consequences

When someone violates the law because they possess more than the legally permitted amount of marijuana in DC, they are possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute, or they are caught distributing marijuana, a conviction can have a negative impact on their life going forward. Having a criminal conviction on a person’s record can result in lost employment opportunities and the inability to receive certain federal program benefits. In DC, obtaining and keeping a security clearance is critical for many employees. Criminal convictions can jeopardize that.

A conviction for a drug charge can result in the loss of the person’s driver’s license and a conviction can result in the loss of being able to get federal financial aid. While the seriousness of a marijuana possession charge in criminal court may not be as severe as certain other crimes, it is still a serious matter with regard to keeping an individual’s criminal record as clean as possible to preserve their future. A marijuana possession lawyer in DC can help to fight these charges before appearing on a criminal record.

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